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Ultimate Spiderman Boards

By jeffwamester
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Thought you guys might like a little peek... These are a small portion of my storyboards from the Spiderham episode that came out two weeks ago. Its one of my favorite episodes... plus I got to board some Spiderman swinging through the city, which was a BLAST!

PS: For a close up look hit download, but watch out its a 3meg file :D

PPS: Read top to bottom then left to right
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Wow, so in animation shows, you're basically keyframing every scene? That's a lot more work than I thought!
Nialixus's avatar
Do you have ultimate spider-man colorscript ?
SnowBunnyRabbit's avatar
Ooh, these are awesome! I love the Ultimate Spider-Man TV series. :D
I like how the animation was fluid like that when he swings around.... 
jets's avatar
Awesome stuff bro. When I saw the episode the whole swinging intro to that pose on Loki was super impressive. I need to get my boards somewhere (actually anywhere) near this level. 
Gr33nlant3rn's avatar
Love your work!!! and i most definately love the show!!!!
Seeso2D's avatar
is that a STORYBOARD??!!!
Woodpeckery's avatar
amazing!where can I read your story:)?
344485453227283's avatar
you're probably the man
344485453227283's avatar
i didn't know there are so many boards - i thought they spaced them out more.

cool to see the inner workings
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despite that it is a hell of a job but it is really fluent to read! :D
LittleJohn312's avatar
Very cool! I love seeing this stuff.
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toyarave's avatar
your boards are so awe-inspiring-- beautiful artwork and the story is so easy to follow~*its practically animating already~*
Blayze-23's avatar
Wow, this is my favourite episode :D it was so funny :D
Konjur's avatar
that's how we hip kids say crazy....the full saying is "that shit be cray."

i'm grasping
alm0stsk8r17's avatar
awsome storyboard but just gotta say that cray does not mean crazy or at least it was not intended to. im guessing you started saying it just like everyone else when the song by jayz and kanye came out but the lyrics are not cray meaning crazy, they were referancing the Kray brothers who were the leaders of an organized crime ring during the 50's and 60's. most people misinterpreted the song. so dont worry that you did not know what cray meant, because its originally means nothing
JohntheMurray's avatar
lol, cray does mean crazy and people were saying it before that song, thats why they used it in the song. If your familiar with Jay Z and especially Kanye's style, they have multiple meanings most of the time.
Konjur's avatar
nah this pod cast I listen too was making fun of the kardashians cause they say "that's cray cray"...then they started saying it as a joke which in turn got all up in my brain.
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what freaks me out the most, is if u scroll up and down on the mouse wheel, it ANIMATES! uh... thats too good...
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