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Electropunk001 Cover

By jeffwamester
Whelp... I know its been a while, BUT I have been working on a personal project ( a webcomic ) for a few years now and well I launch it this Wednesday, March 15th 2017!  Yeah 2 days!  Heres the temporary link ...….  It'll eventually primarily be
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This-Chick-Does-Art's avatar
Oooh! I'll have to check this out!
kaze26's avatar
KidiMaster's avatar
oooohhhh time to get hyped!!
cliff-rathburn's avatar
Really looking forward to seeing more of your work. Hopefully it'll see print someday.
BaraaChan's avatar
this one is so perfect :clap:
MichaelCrichlow's avatar
Awesome! Looking forward to it! :D
hyperjack08's avatar
really nice looking stuff! congrats on all the hard work. I know it'll all pay off for you.

looking forward to supporting it.
NelsonJames's avatar
Looks like it's going to be incredibly fun!
jel's avatar
Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Awesome to finally see this happen!
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Nuclear-Shrimp's avatar
oh man so excited!! I've been waiting to see more of this for years!!! congrats!!
jeffwamester's avatar
Oh yes.... you will!
Anluka-DA's avatar
Oh FUCK YEAH! I've been hoping to see more of these characters.
basicnoir's avatar
I'm in! Congrats! looks great!
jeffwamester's avatar
Awesome, thanks dude!
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