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WH40K: Devastator

By jeffszhang
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i remember Bionicle lol


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True Defenders of humanity!
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Full-auto, extreme prejudice.
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"Eat 40mm rapid fire AP grenades, heretics!"
Gotta love Heavy Bolters.
salamanders fuck yeah
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thats awesome the bullet shells flying about every were gives it a very chaotic feel
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Very cool indeed. You deserve to be very proud of this amazing picture.
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Love the massive chunks taken out of their armour.
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Praise the emperor...

Still not enough dakka
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Praise the Emperor and pass the ammunition!
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Nice. Big fictional space guns good. Heavy bolters are awesome.
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they sure are aren't they
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Nice work.
Is the "THERE WAS A FIREFIGHT" comment a boondock saints reference?
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Very nicely done, especially with the eyepiece on the center marine. I would have liked to see the Salamanders using more heavy flamers, rather than heavy bolters and las cannons though.
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haha I knew someone would mention this very issue the moment I locked down the composition. I'll have to do up a Salamanders flamer-centric piece sometime to give it's proper due!
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They are short one guy and two dozen or so wheels but I think you could try and talk them into it
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Ha ha ha...I will staple them together.
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