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Samus : Varia

Suit up
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This art just pure gold of badass, and accuracy.
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The shadows are nice, but the characterization is a little vague. Regardless, excellent artwork.
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This is epic. Definitely has that "Iron Man" vibe going for it, which is perfect because, in a number of ways, she *is* basically a female Iron Man. And the details... This one is worthy of my favorites. Excellent work.
Shadow90's avatar
I really love this! A though and badass Samus, yes please! I have featured this drawing as a Cover Photo on Facebook and linked it to this page. I hope that's OK!
gamelover114's avatar
I have to do the same, I think.
Android-Music's avatar
Looking scary in a good way. And TOTALLY BADASSIO! The whole picture reflects enormous pressure on every inch of her body... It's like the whole suit equipment process is far from being pleasant but she's got used to it so it's not a big deal for her anymore.

Big respect fot this piece!
Awesome, with all theses clear and accurate little details.
and the idea of samus puting on her armor "Ironman style" is really good! :D
epiclink8480's avatar
I love the fact that you have a drk tone to the picture. I think it stays very true to the series while showing a new aspect at the same time. Nice job!!
Chakrafox21's avatar
I would love to see Samus just curbstomp Superman
hdleonine's avatar
Really Really Kool !!!
Calleahan's avatar
This is freaking cool Spam-in-a-Box: :ooo 
ApolloMasque's avatar
(AC/DC plays in the background)
dewhuls's avatar
Put more time into this.
MoonGoneDark's avatar
Incredible! I like this idea of how her suit is applied. The face, hair, and body structure is the "right stuff" for combat and a full suit too, and the amount of detail you've put into this is amazing!

If I knew you in reality I'd buy you a freakin cookie for this! Awesome fan art! :happybounce: 
GeoKorf's avatar
a little notice samus aran suits her costume from energy but nice try starcraft 2 style even though i like picture as whole.
TheAccursedHunter01's avatar
Although I know Samus activates and deactivates her suit via super sci-fi materialization of some sort, this is REALLY cool! Reminds me of a Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine or Iron Man putting on their armor, great work!
Bad ass. Love it, Number Six.
jonconor's avatar
very nice details here oWo
Dragon-the-Tribrid's avatar
That is pretty cool!
ozwalled's avatar
Good god DAMN this is fine.
Sheepova's avatar
Suiting up LIKE A BAWS.
feralwrath's avatar
... it is like starcraft tarren marines suiting up...
sombriks's avatar
no... it's way amazing because it's samus, :D
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