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love the tension! 
I absolutely love this piece.  The composition, the hint at narrative from the mid action pose, eyes and tracking dots (?) the combination of oil and finer line pencil.  Really great piece.
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Love the use of blue :) x
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Your style are absolutly amazing !!!


I made this to inspire you

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the colours and textures you use are so interesting and beautiful
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It's so weird what you do with blue.
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Great work with beautiful colors!
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wow! this is art!
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i absolutely love this piece
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the warm/cool play is like music for my eyes.
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I like the unusual detail of the four red dots arranged in a perfect square in this image.

Interesting to see this done and how well it works to really focus the viewer's eye upon the character depicted in this digital piece. Almost akin to a heads-up target acquisition display.

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Beautiful glow, Jeff! Great work as always!
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do you make your portrait with photographies or just from you imagination
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Great work!!! The light is amazing!!!:D
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Man this is mad ! What about if you did a step by step of one of your works? That would be cool for people trying to do mixed media :)
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I don't entirely understand the way you work ... do you print your job and add acrylic or you paint your subject and next apply photoshop ? Btw the woman is done in photoshop or acrylic ?
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everything is painted in photoshop, acrylic texture is scanned in and applied as overlays and blended into the rendering as I go along
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Ok so, to be sure, you drew your character and add the arylic texture (done with brushes for exemple)?
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yes. but i dont use brushes, i render with a simple hard round brush.
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I love your art. I do not hide that you're one of my favorites, as well as a reference point.
One of the few digital artists who manages to put a soul into his work.

Please don't stop! :)
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How big are your pieces usually?
(I mean both, the acrylic board and the PS file)

Looks awesome.
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