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The Little Mermaid

...not the Disney version though.
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I like redheads
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This is a very beautiful image.
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Tout simplement magnifique
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This is just, wow ! Creative and so very inspiring beyond my words !
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That's amazing!
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This sums up the fairy tale entirely. The dagger between the legs paired with the title makes it all click.
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This is a very beautiful image
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This is absolutely stunning, I am nearly moved to tears. 
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I come from Denmark and i've been growing up with the original tales as my bedtime stories. The original ones are by far superior, and this is an absolute stunning piece, interpreting the sadness that is the core of the original story really well.
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I always found the original version to be much more poignant. Better "moral of the story", too.
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I assume that is the dagger she refused to use on her prince?  Always did love the original tale.  I lived in Hanua as a child where the statue of this mermaid was honored as a prominent local tale (and also the birthplace of the brother's Grimm).  This story will always be a part of my inspirations that formed the artist I am today.  Absolutely brilliant and simple rendition here.  She just glows with sadness and otherworldly beauty.
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Great job! No words ...
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Although not Disney, it is wonderful in it's own right. Wonderful job.
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This is really nice!
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Well, this is much more interesting! 
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You again :D
We were meant to be :)
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That is what all the stalkers say. Big Fool Emoji-19 (You done) [V2] 
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This is awesome . I like it very,very much !
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So mystic and beautiful.
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Beautiful pic! Really gorgeous! I hate the Disney version, it's just not the 'The Little Mermaid' story I grew up with >o<
Such a shame Disney shat all over the original story by making it have a happy ending and no dark bits. 
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excellent work! The Hans Christian Anderson version is a gift to read
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