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Oval frames! I'm liking them. Can you tell.

I love painting faces. If it were up to me I'd just sit around at home and draw faces EVERY DAY ALL DAY.
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I love this, it's just awesome, the elegant feeling. Really dig it, cool stuff man.

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:wow:Your faces are truly haunting....this one makes me think of a banshee...wonderfully done!!:clap:
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This is so lovely... <3
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realy nice..i love your style!
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at least this is very stunning work
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great, very beautiful
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Very beautiful! I love the colour of her skin. Her eyes are hypnotizing.
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I can't stop looking at this. Which is bad, because I'm at work, but still, amazing work :)
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so beautiful...
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so enchanting and whimsical I can hear violins in the background for some reason. you have such an amazing way of coloring and shading. im jealous
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When I read your comment, violin music defenitely just started playing around me.
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awwww yea you can hear it for sure!
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briliant. i just dunno whats the yellow in there... looks like a sickness speaking only for the color :)

gash you inspire me to get back to my drawings...
I shall work to draw faces as swell as you, and maybe then I will want to sit around at home and draw faces every day all day. Her face is absolutely fabulous, her elbows are lovely, and I can't get enough flowy hair!
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Oh, glorious! This is fantastically done! :D :D :D :D :D
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Really nice man. I know what you mean about painting faces. I've given myself the task of spending as much time on hands as faces in all my new pieces. Well see if I can hold to it. Ha! Cheers.
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hahaha same with mee!!! Drawing faces is all i care for in a painting, there so much TOO DOOO before you go on to anything else...
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Very intriguing. I love the haunting, slightly whimsical feel of this. Oh and the feet as hands are a brilliant macabre touch.
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Wow, very impressive!
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Spectacular! You're style is so unique and pretty! I can only stare in amazement!
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