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Medusa's Christmas

This Christmas sucked. So I drew someone having a worse Christmas than I'm having, to make me feel better. Because I'm an asshole like that :p

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Wow...deep concept!
Very moving and yet provocative.
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Its tragic, I like it.
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haha the comment gives the perfect touch XDD
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I love it - really atmospheric.
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It is beautiful and sad :) I hope this christmas i better :D
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you can feel the sadness
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Really, really like this one. I've been looking at it for a while trying to figure out why and it's a whole combination of things. It's the weight of her body and the stiffness in her shoulders, mainly. I like the slightly distorted perspective and the backlighting, especially around her scarf. Love the scratchy brushstrokes on her skin. I have no idea how you managed to fill up the foreground without making those figures really distracting, but kudos. Really nice work.
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simple and very expresive at the same time. like it
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Without the guy in the foreground, this image wouldn't have gelled-- but I think you hit it. Great job. (and good hazed-out shadow people, too)
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Awww. Cheer up Medusa! There's always Halloween!
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this is absolutely beautiful.
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cool using of colours,lightening and shading:) really good one:) fav:)
agerpic's avatar
awesomee man.
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booooooa... your really an asshole to draw this just for feeling better :D

but its nice done ;-> ... so... it dosn't matter xD
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looks like my christmas or christmases
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getting very distinctive. i could tell amongst a mass of thumbnails that this is something by you. =3
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it is beautiful.. you just can feel her loneliness and sadness. she definitely has difficult and bad times.. but don't worry. it is ok to be sad sometimes. :love:
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well, on the totally unhelpful bright side, at least something this awesome came out of a crap holiday.
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but I love you :hug:
issokay! OKAY
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I really like this.
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