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January 27, 2010
Generic Sci-Fi: The Pilot by *jeffsimpsonkh
Even though the artist might think that this image looks very cliché and generic, this piece still stands out! The level of detail and the colours appeal to the viewer's eye very much!
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Generic Sci-Fi: The Pilot

I'm almost embarrassed by how generic/cliche it looks, but I don't care! It was kinda fun. Spend all day on it...My shoulder hurts. Exercise is for pussies.
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Sometimes generic is the right way to go :)
SeedofSmiley's avatar
This is amazing! :D
ender183's avatar
It's like she is taking over a machine by using her spirit energy. Cool :)
The6SiC6Ness6's avatar
jlta's avatar
shoulder pain was all worth it ;P embrace it!!!!! >:d
Destro111's avatar
This is fantastic.
NanotBranot's avatar
your work is awesome!!
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I am looking for submissions for a sci fi and fantasy showcase book featuring talented artists. If you are interested email me at

The faq and other information can be found at the bottom of the homepage for the book.
thebadguy95's avatar
this kinda reminds me of Jack off of ME2 (absolutely amazing game btw) BADASS WORK!
fuhrmannskoffer's avatar
oh gods! such beautiful lines, such a pretty face and the light is awesome, too!
Markehed's avatar
Hi I'm just wondering if I could use this image for a little rpg project I'm working. I won't make any money from it and I can't pay you for it but I would really appreciate if I could use it.
shedied's avatar
i know its been almost a year but congratulations on the DD! You held back at just the right moment, because if she were wearing gloves (with fingers cut off) or wrist gizmos or gadgets galore, THEN it would have been cliché. But as is, it's perfect =)
Fawania's avatar
Wow, that is so perfect

the background Seems moving to me , maybe becouse the lines !!
it's superb
vp21ct's avatar
As I have become fond of saying:

"Sometimes, there is good reason that something is cliche"
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I look at this image and see a rogue pilot who didn't take her psi-suppressing drugs the last time she jumped through hyperspace.

She's part of a religious cult of telepaths who believe that by jumping through hyperspace, in groups, and without taking their suppressor drugs, they reach a heightened, spiritual stage of communion. The passenger hold is full of the other worshipers, and those are their psi/spiritual emanations reverberating around her, still echoing in their collective psyches after the moment of hyperspace jump.

Man, are they screwed if the authorities find them blissed out on hyperspace. Because you know what kind of trouble a cult of un-suppressed telepaths "bunch jumping" can cause (says the church).

Yeah, that's what I see. Nice stuff.
RenderCandy's avatar
It looks amazing
JohntheMurray's avatar
Generic my BLACK BUM! This is not cliche. When I look at pictures I try to find a story behind it...and though it is easy to put a story to this one ...every story I think of is completely out of this world original ...

Except for the Giant robot pilot one I thought up -I think we can both agree thats been done.
SubRosa-undertherose's avatar
it's totally beautiful. It makes me want to write. The kinds of stories that can spring from this sort of an image alway amaze me, I think it's a really wonderfully done image. kudos!
Rusaiji's avatar
I know what you mean about the guilt of doing something generic/cliche, but I have to admit this doesn't feel cliche to me at all. It actually radiates a unique personality in a subtle kind of way.
falconmjc07's avatar
haha still really great work. Awesome stuff :D
bekamonster's avatar
This finally gets a DD!
Awesome! I love this piece!
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