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Cammy_Jeff Remix

wow I haven't done any form of fan art is....a long time.

Cammy from the Street Fighter series. Cause Cammy is hot. Changed her a bit made her a bit more...something. I dunno.

Not happy with so many things in this, but I'm so sick of it I can't be bothered to change anything anymore.

Am I the only one who isn't totally sold on the Street fighter 4 look? It's a bit disappointing to me...but I might get used to it.
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ender183's avatar
Awesome, really like the way you made her face look like she has been fighting for a very long time.
TomeMac's avatar
She looks mad! like ready to clobber air just for being her face! I like it!
Bandi0's avatar

I think she is pilot of some big machine
Arta's avatar
I really dig the design for her clothing. Awesome work!
RoK-the-Reaper's avatar
Man, you disgrace cammy.
broken-art-attack's avatar
i hereby decree this to be awesome!
jlta's avatar
hey this is good! even the color of the face and the hair thing at the back of her head. very unique. I LIKE IT!
ralphenstein's avatar
This is incredible!

And I agree about the artwork in SF4. I'm really not a fan. Hopefully the next one will look a lot better.
noc-D's avatar
cammy never been well dressed like this before.
SP-Groove's avatar
oh god.
im so in love with cammy its ridiculous.
this is so fabuolous.
i adore all the metallic bits, its makes her much more badass.
wonderful job on her legs in particular!
Wow, real techno and dark. While I think her SFA3 costume is really retro and cute, it's almost too retro and cute. I think your take does a better job emphasizing her artifical-ness. I think this is pretty cool.

I also agree with you on SF4. The character designs look too much like KOF and lacks that quality that makes it a capcom character.
Nick-is-Safferion's avatar
Oh snap! That's an awesome lookin Cammy!
Zynite's avatar
no ur not teh only 1 bothered by it. i feel the same way. though the new kof looks f---ing hot
vbman1's avatar
love this comics
liquidology's avatar
dude... this is so cool -- I love when people do their own take on something and actually THINK about it!!!
MarsNeverSleeps's avatar
Love the new take on her. Very interesting.
kjarnold's avatar
i am very envious of your skills
drios's avatar
that's bad. i wanna' learn to color like that someday.
Steelpengu's avatar
No, you're not. SF4 looks like a humungous pile of suck. This reminds of what Cammy's original purpose was, according the SF Alpha retcon, to be a surrogate body for Bison when is psycho power overloaded his own. She could totally be a final boss like this.
cortezmaronie's avatar
I like this take on Cammy, tough =D
AnthonyFoti's avatar
There's always time for street fighter fan art.
lukavi's avatar
My GAD. These are just killer. Love your style!
Dkendgreat's avatar
I kinda have to say... I wanna wear what she's got on top.
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