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Request: Zackary

Request by: :iconseriesartiststarter:

OC: [link]
WIP: [link]

Info: Free BW Art Request
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Hey dude! its done whaddya think

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Hi. It looks good. :)

But well, what happens to the hair near the left ear? It looks a little 'bald' :D

Also I see some issues with the color that is not filled smoothly to the line. You could also improve it by adding more shade or some lighting effect.

The color choice is good, I especially liked the armor and pokeball color.

There is still room for improving, that's all I can say. Keep the good job. :)
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Hey and thanks^*^

dude that small part you talked about was just on peice and you didnt line it properly, neither could i so i took it out

i know^^" if you downloaded it and checked it for real you see some flaws but i just did what i could, I cant exactly shade or add lighting effects but i tried atleast including line-ing the parts that needed it

Thank you so much^*^ heh heh i really had to spice em up abit ya know?

I know that much ya know and thanks&^(*^ You aswell