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Changed username and I planned to be a little more active this year. Wish me luck! :)
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Dear friends,

I am now opening B/W art request. :) The option are to draw your original character or a fan art of your choice. Other options is also open on discussion. And the good thing is, it is free!

Your request will be due in 1-2 weeks, depends on how busy I am (it could take longer if I am really busy, sorry >.<). I will only draw the characters (maximum 2), no background or at least, a very simple background.

Rules are:
1. You must be a Deviant Art member and watched me.
2. You must supply a reference image for me.
3. No yaoi or yuri.
4. No nude, sexual pose (bikini is ok, but not too revealing, keep it PG13 please :))
5. No explicit violence (blood is ok at some level).
6. You could have up to 3 revision while in sketch, but no revision is allowed after that. I will give you the sketch before I started the line art.
7. I'm not a pro, so beware on some anatomy failure. :D
8. The completed art will be yours, but you will give me the permission to share it on dA and several other websites. You can do anything on that piece of art after that, I'll only take credit on the one I draw originally.

For now, I'll only open 2 slot per month. The fastest will get the seat. :)

If you are interested, please leave a comment below.

Thank you. :D


Slot 1

Slot 2
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