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Trying stufffff
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I've just discovered your work, it's incredible! my mind is blown!
Can i ask, how do you practice? Do you study video footage frame by frame to learn? I'd do anything to be as good as you haha ('^-^)
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Thanks! ah Yip I do that if it's a complicated move I'm after. I'd study it and then try practice animating it on my own.
Youtube is great for finding lots of ref for interesting body movements!

for FX, I'd probably recommend reading this book 'Elemental Magic'…
It's really good at explaining stuff!
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One of the best animated explosions i've ever seen!
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DGLGMUT's avatar
Good god amazing!!!
I am glad I found you.
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Thank you very much!
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just wow..
are you one of disney's animator e-e?
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Syriusi's avatar
I think you are now one of my favorite fx animators
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ah you're too kind!
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improving with each new one man. well done.
I dig explosions , nice!

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Thanks! me too~
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ohh this is quiet sexy i like the sudden fast paste when the particles n stuff get closer
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An tips for a beginning animator.
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I have some people ask me similar questions on my tumblr if you scroll down and take a look! Hope it helps a little!
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it looks awesome
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i love you bro
Guts-N-Effort's avatar
have you ever tryied coloring your fx?
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I should probably give it a go, that'll be next on my to try list!
Actually how do you go about colouring your stuff?
like your 5sec day animation, is that one done straight into Flash?
It looks so polished and nice!
(I hope you don't mind me picking your brain for a little bit, I'd really like to learn how to do more stuff!)
Guts-N-Effort's avatar
i often just animation the fx using color first, and just animate the silhouette first. then i do a few passes on shadow, high light, different layers of flame color. takes a bit tracking, but its easier than to do it all together.
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