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Youtube!: [link]
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Well someone suggested I animate that Catwoman pic I did. ([link])
Challenge accepted!
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:)  Cool work you did here!
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Seriously great with dynamic mouvement !
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Definitely inspired me to work on my animation more! :) great work
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Yeah, animation!
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great work, I love it!! :D especially the detail where she spins the key owo
hi love u r work do u do free lance i wont to animate feet bastinado shot for 20 second i will pay u 60 dolar for the shot if u intrest contact me on my mail ok
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Sooner or later i can see you going places with this talent very smooth great personality very inspiring.
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No problem at all and i wish you and all of the rest of your team luck and success on 1000 .
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This is great! It's got so much personality,and the medium itself is really creative! So fun!
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goshhhh i luv it
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:o (Eek) Oh wow! That was good Clap La la la la 
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wow this is amazing it's like a comic just decided to animate itself
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could you give me any tips on drawing dynamic action poses like that I try to draw someone doing cool flips and things like that but they end up looking really weird
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usually it comes down to your knowledge of how the body moves, the weight distribution and what's actually happening.
I'd go look at some reference and study the posing
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hmmm I guess you just have to be really observant
study human anatomy and just practice!
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so just kind of be observant and really watch how people move
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