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1000 : Tommyboy Animation

Youtube: [link]

Here's another pencil test, this time of Tommyboy!
(gosh these are turning into little shorts. I guess it's good practice, trying to get good at storyboarding and animation anyway)
We'd be grateful for any support/pledges to our kickstarter project
1000: The Animated Micro-series! --> [link] <--
The Secret Sauce Team would very much appreciate it!

Facebook 1000 fanpage! [link]
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ShinigamiRyuku's avatar
WOW! Awesome work on perspective, details and of course animation.
Raymoondo's avatar
I plan on having my own cartoon once I finish college. Can I call you to help animate it?
OldManRivas's avatar
you are amazing 
jeffreylai's avatar
ForeverBlix's avatar
I love it! what animation do you use?
jeffreylai's avatar
Thanks! I use Toonboom animate :)
ForeverBlix's avatar
Oh really?! that's awesome, thx :D
Lorian-Dragon's avatar
Oh, my God! Look at this! If I do not reach that level, never'll get a job.
jeffreylai's avatar
mm just takes practice!
your-fathers-belt's avatar
holy shit beautiful stuff! what do you animate in?
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Thank you!
I do my animations using Toonboom :)
MrEdison's avatar
This makes me want to animate so much....
Awesome work.
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Thanks! Yea animation is super fun!
TimeCapsuleStudios's avatar
Question: What program did you use to animate this? Is it just the 2D Pencil program or is it something else?
jeffreylai's avatar
I used Toonboom Animate :)
RJHalfbreed's avatar
That's really cool.
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do you animate cut scene's then put them together to get the camera shot to change, or is it just one straight animation? because i'm using pencil 2d animation and i'm trying to get my stuff right. i'm a beginner in animation but art work i'm not
jeffreylai's avatar
I guess if it was REALLY long, i'd separate them and maybe join them together in quicktime or some other video editing software.
These I did all in one file.
aniyi123's avatar
ok cool. 
one more question:
do you do all your animation on a program or sketch on paper and scan them in?
jeffreylai's avatar
I just draw it in the program
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