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1000 : Meggan Animation

By jeffreylai

Another little animatic, this one is of Meggan :)
It was pretty fun to do.
We'd really appreciate any pledges to support our Kickstarter! There's 9 DAYS LEFT D: D:
(If you wanna see moreeeee and I'd like to do moreeeee)
1000: The Animated Micro-series!

From the Secret Sauce Team!
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Josh99912's avatar
Whens this series coming out?
UsagiYogurt's avatar
You are one amazing animator.
jeffreylai's avatar
Ah you are too kind!
piamio's avatar
Sorry, I don´t remember which program do you use for your animations. You could tell me again which one was? Freddy Fazzbutt Emoticon thing  
jeffreylai's avatar
I use Toonboom Animate or Flash
piamio's avatar
Thank you so much for answer!! ;u; I was like "NOOO! WHAT I HAVE DONE?!" when I noticed I forget the names, thank you.
EngineNewItTee's avatar
How many frames was this?
imamantho's avatar
do u have anymore like these I can learn from?
Sokomin's avatar
wooooow~~~~so much movement and flow into this animation..*cries:heart:
jeffreylai's avatar
SwackAttack's avatar
Im just going to favorite your entire gallery
Trev-the-wolf's avatar
OMFG this is too epic. What software do u use!?
michellemallari's avatar
this is awesome! I wanna learn how to do that!
jeffreylai's avatar
hmm there's heaps of stuff on the internet if you wanted to learn
A good place to start would probably be reading a book called 'the animators survival kit'…

WinstonWilliams's avatar
oh my god... too talented man are you always on beast mode??
jeffreylai's avatar
lol not when I'm sleeping
sonallyfan's avatar
i love the little hello that she gives them in the beginning
jeffreylai's avatar
haha a good way to greet people before kicking butt XD
Araceku's avatar
johnnybuddahfist's avatar
Damn man, just...damn.

Your stuff is so well done, great timing!
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