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1000 : Dragon Son Animation!

By jeffreylai
Youtube: [link]

Hey everybody! I'm actually doing a Kickstarter with :icongreenestreet::iconthatld:!
that was launched today. I'd be contributing some animation XD

1000: The Animated Micro-series!
This is a little pencil test I did :)

Check it outtt! [link]
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Hello, I'm a big fan of your work and was wondering if you could suggest any animation moving perspective tutorials? Kind of like what you've done in this pencil test. I've been looking everywhere for tips or tutorials on how to do this amazing kind of animation and has been unable to find anything. 
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lov it how he slides :D
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that is freaking awesome
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It's amazing, What programs do you use, specially for the clean-up?
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Thanks! hm I usually just use the same program.. I put a new layer on top
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oh my goodness this must've taken a while!

I'm in my freshman year of college and taking animation as a major & current class, I have a new found respect for animators and their work; And I think about how long it took to have make their wonderful work.

So this is a pencil test? Like traditional? What program did you use to record it all together?
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I did this in a program called Toonboom Animate. Could use Flash or even Photoshop. There's a bunch of animation programs out there.
I use a tablet so no paper was involved.
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oh ok cool! is toonboom free?
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This is absolutely amazing...great work!
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Thank you very much!
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It's just truth :D
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Oh, my God! Look at this! If I do not reach that level, never'll get a job.
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this is awesome
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I LOVE U!!!! you are so cool, i wish, one day you will make your own movie, man!
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