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The Suicide Generation
Welcome back to the dark ages,
Welcome back oh plague and sin.
Living on our meager wages,
And to temptation giving in.
Hiding in our homes like cages,
Drowning our thoughts with tonic and gin.
We've banished our wisest sages,
And buried ourselves up to our chin.
This is the generation of suicide.
These are the days of blight.
We are the one who wished we died,
Instead of rising to the fight.
Some give up before they tried,
They never try to do it right.
Although they stand side-by-side,
They will never see the light.
And To-morrow they will take no action.
And To-morrow they will piss and moan.
Today is lacking satisfaction,
The seeds not planted, have not grown.
The line they wait to take their ration,
Stretches to the great unknown.
Pace to your grave without passion,
Now lie beneath the dirt and stone.
As time begins to pass us by,
And our bodies begin to decay,
We are left to wonder why.
Why are we here today?
I look upon a beautiful sky
As the sun begins to stray.
To-morrow comes
:iconjeffrey-heartbreak:Jeffrey-Heartbreak 28 9
Wake and Bake
Alive And Awake,
Baked, and ready for the day.
I allow time to slow it's roll
And I laze around aimless.
It feels good to stop,
Breathe, and start from the top,
Taking it a step at a time.
Slow and steady; in a stonerly pace.
But you know what they say,
Slow and steady wins the race.
:iconjeffrey-heartbreak:Jeffrey-Heartbreak 0 0
Under the Crimson Dawn
The sun rises somewhere..
Enveloped in clouds, a crimson collar,
Somewhere above the sea at dawn.
In twilight, tiny raindrops fall
As my tiny teardrops are reflected.
From the dark depths of deep blues
Something sinister stirs..
Waves simulate my sounding sadness
Seeking your love like I once did.
Crashing upon the shorelines of your body
As they go down, crashing upon you
Breaking you down, and crashing upon you
And moving on, and crashing upon you
Under the crimson dawn somewhere.
~Jeffrey Heartbreak
:iconjeffrey-heartbreak:Jeffrey-Heartbreak 5 2
Could I bum a cigarette??
It's just me..
Sulking, Sleeping, searching for smoke,
Screaming in Stereo (Headphones)
So no hears my suppressed sorrow.
But then there's you...
You must have gotten on the wrong bus,
Because (Believe-it-or-not)
I seldom sail with sympathetic sailors.
Though, sympathy isn't sense,
So, in a sense, there are no sailors.
Thank you for understanding.
Thank you for the cigarette.
Jeffrey Heartbreak
:iconjeffrey-heartbreak:Jeffrey-Heartbreak 5 1
A Common Scent
I smell a liar.
Lying relaxed in lazy attire,
Lying alone, awaiting her love..
Who's lying as well, my pitiful dove.
~Jeffrey Fuckin' Heartbreak
:iconjeffrey-heartbreak:Jeffrey-Heartbreak 9 1
Single Serving Friends
Due south from Detroit,
Lets give this a chance.
My window seats the sight
But to the left I glance
At an Angel who sits adjacent
Dressed in all black.
At the Bus' commencement
we put silence in a sack.
To different destinations
But here we share routes.
To both our complications
And never ending doubts
We share a heart to heart
Until our journey ends.
Our paths now part
As the Bus comes to a complete stop.
~Jeffrey Heartbreak
:iconjeffrey-heartbreak:Jeffrey-Heartbreak 0 6
The Cool Kids
Outstanding Social Standards,
And unpleasant snowy scenery have met their match
Casting us to the cold without the crowds.
The warm eyes from inside just eat us up,
We're the talk about town, In the cold as usual.
The casual smoke prior to our escapade
Begins before the tower
Where they watch with envious eyes.
Only somehow one day they'll see..
(What we see; looking down from the top
Of a frozen throne with a burning scepter
taking drag after tragic drag)

What it's like being cool.
~Jeffrey Fucking Heartbreak
:iconjeffrey-heartbreak:Jeffrey-Heartbreak 6 2
To Love Like A Cloud
Hello cloud, my fair-weather friend above.
I have but a favor to ask of you.
Now before you leave, be a friend so true
Please, hear a story of a broken love.
Sterling silver tape strangles still my heart
Forever Forsaken I am to her.
And now like your winds beginning to stir.
I am shaken, broken, falling apart…
Tears now fall like your beautiful rain.
To smile is to suffer, dreary days
They take me over like your thunder's brawn.
You are just like me, but without my pain.
My love is a cloud, a cloud never stays.
And now just like you.. I am moving on.
~Jeffrey Heartbreak
:iconjeffrey-heartbreak:Jeffrey-Heartbreak 2 3
Knocks on doors that have.....
Knocks on Doors that have never been opened.
The Swans have eaten the doves Like confounded crack fiends
That won't get up until they've gotten their next fix.
But this isn't your fault, no not at all.
You have been busy with doctor visits since the doves arrived.
But the swans are now vultures.
And you never gave me time to clean the gun.
God damn you. I can't tell if we're working out.
But I do know we're out of doves, and the swans are hungry.
~Jeffrey fucking Heartbreak
:iconjeffrey-heartbreak:Jeffrey-Heartbreak 2 7
Down the Hall, Behind the Door
There's a mirror made of diamonds,
Down the hall,
Behind the Door.
And there's another stolen body,
In the room,
Upon the floor.
She got a little nosy.
Turned the knob,
And Saw his face.
The Misses Met her Mister,
And the mistress,
In their grace.
There's a mirror made of diamonds,
Down the hall,
In the room.
Where the misses takes her musket
To the mouth
Of her Groom
Then she got a little edgy,
Lit a smoke,
Pulled the trigger.
Takes another shot of whiskey,
Men in blood,
Women bitter.
There's a mirror made of Diamonds,
Down the hall
Stained in red.
From two lovers and a widow,
Upon the floor,
Feeling Dead.
~Jeffrey Fucking Heartbreak
:iconjeffrey-heartbreak:Jeffrey-Heartbreak 39 30
We lock eyes between lines of coke,
Dilated and disinterested in the world.
We sit shivering smoking cigs outside
Commenting, complaining, contemplating.
We're the coolest kids on campus.
And the world is so ugly..
No one gets to see our faces
And no one has to know how good this feels.
Jeffrey Fucking Heartbreak
:iconjeffrey-heartbreak:Jeffrey-Heartbreak 7 5
Midnight Heart IV
My body begins to feel brittle from the blood I'm loosing.
I grab myself tight while I fight fate to stay alive.
I open my eyes....
I see the most beautiful low lit lunar embodyment of my higher power.
My moon was peircing the clouds, the black paint..
Is this why I was brought here? Have I angered her?
             ..... And keep them on my darling
From the pool of crimson life lost. I lie.
:iconjeffrey-heartbreak:Jeffrey-Heartbreak 1 0
Midnight Heart III
Now blind, I trek tragically through this place.
My pathetic heart, once much to tired, begins to race.
I fall to my knees now, knowing something is wrong.
I try to scream through my muzzle, a silent song.
:iconjeffrey-heartbreak:Jeffrey-Heartbreak 0 0
Soft smoke sambas in the sunlight
Seeping in through seems in the shades
While I send small circles to settle
In schools of smog like silver salmon
Smiling such secondhand smiles, still.
Cigarette smoke, spinning to the ceiling,
Somehow seems so amusing
Like circus stunts, that never cease
Or savvy sprites sketching scenes
That seem to simmer in the sky.
Supposing semblance to shapes
While specters stonerly sail
Through streams side-by-side.
Now scarves scurry south,
And silver strings sink,
And smog slacks off.
My Cigarette (Deceased).
:iconjeffrey-heartbreak:Jeffrey-Heartbreak 4 7
Ignorant Roses
I scream inside and echo, vacant.
Do I make myself feel this way?
Can anyone hear me (hold me)?
Is it being alone that make me scream,
Silent screams in a field of deaf roses?
Jeffrey Heartbreak
:iconjeffrey-heartbreak:Jeffrey-Heartbreak 5 4
B_l by Jeffrey-Heartbreak B_l :iconjeffrey-heartbreak:Jeffrey-Heartbreak 2 3


Creepy Pinkie Pie by xCuteiKinz Creepy Pinkie Pie :iconxcuteikinz:xCuteiKinz 5 1 Explore by SaRaH-22 Explore :iconsarah-22:SaRaH-22 109 9 robot touch by InspirationalArtists robot touch :iconinspirationalartists:InspirationalArtists 288 242
For Love
For love; we cry,
For love; we worry,
For love; we sacrifice,
All the things undoubtedly.
For love; we cheer,
For love; we fear,
For love; we endure,
All the things sincerely.
For love; we smile,
For love; we'd walk miles,
For love; we agree,
To change our life style instantly.
For love; we change,
For love; we act so strange,
For love; we permit,
To be ours abruptly.
For love; we are selfish,
For love; we become greedy,
For love; we happily accept,
Defeat, sorrow and grief.
:iconlittlenikita:littlenikita 39 10
Stop by Sleec Stop :iconsleec:Sleec 3 0 Sega Dreamcast by nekokawai Sega Dreamcast :iconnekokawai:nekokawai 103 29 Random params 12 by sunshine130491 Random params 12 :iconsunshine130491:sunshine130491 2 0 Underwater Interfacing by KPEKEP Underwater Interfacing :iconkpekep:KPEKEP 199 27 Sonic the Cool Dude by spoonyliger Sonic the Cool Dude :iconspoonyliger:spoonyliger 196 14 Chromatic splendour by SpencerCameron Chromatic splendour :iconspencercameron:SpencerCameron 38 2
Quantus ego sum, ultra?
I'm an alien,
from outer space,
without a physical face.
Metamorphing humanoid,
I can become anyone,
mimic the society I am in.
I've turn myself,
into someone else,
so many times.
I've lost myself,
I am anyone now,
who am I again?
:iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 4 4
you make me write bad poetry
i made you up
from pillows and comforters
and anything that stuck
its tongue out from
my drawers
and slept in
next year i will shy away
like a child
when you touch me--
if you know me
(and you probably do)
seems very in-character
but it's not like what
happened in the bookstore when
put your teeth against my ear
and everything felt
like it did last week
in the treehouse
it all seems so out of
like i am a little girl again
playing house
and pretending i know what those
funny words that taste
like soap and dirt
and what we are
:iconinsomniaplague:insomniaplague 37 24
I do not like you poets
I do not like you poets
breathing into my sorry head
like the air hasn't been wasted a half-a-million times
folding up my lungs
to place them neatly into a wastebasket
how can you make me stop hurting
& then just leave me
a limp lettuce leaf
on the backside of some dirty napkin verse
I am not the jealous type
but I'm going to call up Melpomene & ask her where she's been
send her drunk texts
all night
because I'm too tired of filling up my skull
with cicada skins instead of led
while you make it all too easy
to sleep through a heartattack or two
my pygmalion, my god, my thing of legends
tell me
when you were being taught the siren's song
was I writing myself a migraine?
:iconinsomniaplague:insomniaplague 200 125
Death Song.
Singing to me a symphony of death
The strain in my body with every last breath
Draining my life a soul torn apart
Needing only time with this slow beating heart
The tune of my soul is dying within
This aging carcass is wearing so thin
Notes of life will soon lose their tune
As I'm sitting here so empty in this prison, my room
This song is now reaching the end of it's time
Nothing to leave for you but this poorly writ rhyme
But hope goes out for the one who does care
Because in your heart my music is there...
:iconmelanie-howle-h:Melanie-Howle-H 71 56
End of the world
Metal eagles flying in dark black sky's
Burning planet soaked with blood red eyes
Creatures killing to get their needed highs
With murderess feelings and cold hearted lies
The seas of red, swell to drown them all
The ground beneath them will break and fall
The spewing volcano's never spat so tall
The dead are used to build a human wall
The screaming and gnashing, the growing pain
Are so called loved ones sacrificed for others gain
The sky then opens to pour out its acid rain
The sun then falls, never to shine again
We could of listened, to slow the pace
We could of tried to save the human race
We could of tried to protect this place
But now we fall with no glory or grace
:iconmelanie-howle-h:Melanie-Howle-H 31 48
The American Dream
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,
The first two are guaranteed, while the third is just a pursuit,
Never to be attained, because when capitalism
Creates winners and losers,
Both complain anyway.
It's the human condition:
Our low self-esteem—
Raging against our Patriotic seams,
Success, regress,
Depression, progression,
A constant fluctuation in our nation as alliteration analyzes the air from my lips,
And rhyming weaves rhythm into our delusion and confusion,
Because something says you can't understand what I'm saying anyway,
Generation of apathy and technology;
But you won't put down your phones and listen to me.
My words are just words, nothing important,
Not quite clear, like our country's future and the world economy.
The blank stares, the dead eyes, glazed over and in disguise
Hiding your passion, hiding the desire to fix, to break
To forgive and forsake…our mistakes.
Opposites attract, you see, and our American ways
Are as diverse as the creatur
:iconfelka-wolf:Felka-wolf 6 6



Jeffrey Edwards
United States
I am Jeffrey, Guitarist/Singer/Writer. I have an odd fascination with the dead and heartbreak. I enjoy writing poems, though I write prose (less commonly). I just do me.…

Current Residence: Toledo
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Extra Small
Favourite genre of music: Hardcore/Metalcore
Operating System: Windows 7
  • Listening to: Swimming with Dolphins - Everything's a Miracle
  • Reading: Music Notes
  • Playing: Diablo II
  • Drinking: Some crappy cappicino mix thing.
Going nuts with Finals. I only have two left though, so I'll have some more writings up soon. It's hard in college lol. I have some good lyrics though!!

~Everything's a Miracle~
by Swimming with Dolphins

As we begin descending faster than illumination
You hold me steady
Yeah, you show no fear or
You turn the ocean tide
You shake me up inside
The way I feel with you words can't describe
I don't know why or how
But I can't disavow I've
never felt the way I feel right
So, don't burn out
Just don't burn out
I've got the brightest star you'll ever find
Even the sun is jealous of the way you shine
We are the constellations in the sky
Wrap me up in your arms
It's beautiful when time is ours and everything's a miracle



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