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Advanced Mouth Anatomy Tutorial - Part 1

Long tutorial. This used to be called a Lip Tutorial but I changed it midway through the text and forgot to edit half of it. But same concept throughout.

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Mouth Anatomy - Part 1: Location, Shape, Angles, Curves, and Easy Movement.

Remember the disclaimer: This is stylized realistic, my own preferences. But the methods can be used with almost any style and preference.
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I do this for free, I'm not here to cater a service for you. If you want me to go into detail about something, ask without the attitude. If it was a respectful request, I'd happily go into detail for you. The way you asked here is not respectful and does not make me want to help you.
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Thanks so much for making this I always have trouble with the depth of the mouth and positioning it.
Lunangel07's avatar
Thanks so much, very helpful~ <3
Meitantei4869's avatar
Very useful. Thanks!
D-Valkyrie's avatar
Much appreciated.
JustSimone's avatar
This is an amazing tutorial, thank you so much, I am going to try it tomorrow :) I did half a page of noses, now it's time for half a page full of mouths haha
JaliosWilinghart's avatar
Nice one :)
Easy to follow. :)
D-Pyro's avatar
VERY helpful!!
VonDaShroom's avatar
Thank you so much this is very useful!!
TamaraLynn23's avatar
really loved this tutorial!  It makes a HUGE difference when you add explanations along with the rules.... I will be using this and practicing off of it for sure!!
Voxejst's avatar
You have put insane effort into this and I appreciate it. Thank you!
ryokohlub's avatar
Sorry but I must say this......

I FREAKEN LOVE YOU!!!!!! This tutorial was just want I needed!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
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Hm... some things are good advice, some less so. The dots - yes, but only when the lips are closed. When a mouth is open it looks completely different from what you've shown here - there's a ring muscle underneath, not separate muscles for upper and lower lip. The little edge is still there, yes, but not as noticeable. And Gaasb is right; not everyone has what you called the Cupid's Bow. Actually the Cupid's Bow is the upper line of the upper lip, not the lower line.
jeffoffo's avatar
At the end of the tutorial I specified that dots are not noticeable when lips are open. My tutorial also specifies that the open mouths here are "natural jaw openings" (not a real term), where the mouth is by movement of the jaw and no muscles are flexed. When you open your mouth to eat, scream, talk with emotion, use facial expressions, etc., it will look different. Based on what I see in the mirror and on my participating friends (which is my basis in making these tutorials in the first place), the open mouths I have here are accurate enough. Minimal muscle use. 

As for Gaasb's comment, I put this here for a reason "Remember the disclaimer: This is stylized realistic, my own preferences. But the methods can be used with almost any style and preference" 
Not everyone has a cupid's bow, just like how not everyone has noticeable mouth corners or rounded legs or noticeable thigh muscles or a larger lower lip. But what would you have me do, address every possible human body altercation possible? Even as a student I don't think I'll have an intention of drawing the lack of a mouth bump, even if some people don't have it. 

Though you are right about the Cupid's Bow being the upper line. I'm not sure what that little thing is called though. 
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When doing a anatomy tutorial it's usually a good idea to throw in some variety. Just saying.

The open mouth in yours is still sort of pinched together at the edges - I'm sorry, it does not look like that. Nope. Open mouth, lips don't touch at the sides. Not even when speaking or singing.

The little thing that is not-the-cupid's-bow doesn't actually seem to have a name... at least I haven't found one.
jeffoffo's avatar
Mine looks pretty pinched.
So does my roommates and floormates. 

Guess we're anomalies then.
sleepyowlet's avatar
The only time mine (or anyone's I watched the last couple of days) look like that (open mouth, yet lips touching for about half a centimeter at the sides) is when pronouncing something like the "oo" in "loose". Just open mouth doesn't do that. But then again I'm from Europe... Maybe we're aliens, and our anatomy differs radically from yours.
jeffoffo's avatar
Eh, maybe I'm seeing something you don't or noticing too much of something, or maybe you're noticing too little of something. Let's just agree to disagree then. Since I still see it on people I talk to.
Crystalline-Keyblade's avatar
Great thing! This will help a lot, thank you!
Gaasb's avatar
i dont have this "cupid bow" , wont draw it
dragonsong17's avatar
this is awesome- thank you!
Jensham's avatar
your tutorials are so detailed and nice O_O
lilitharten's avatar
Thanks for this tutorial, it's great:D (Big Grin).  It helps a LOT.
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