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Under the Boardwalk


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As the season changes to fall in my part of the world,  I bid a fond farewell to lazy summer days with my next dark reflection, Under the Boardwalk. It was a delicious bit of fun to paint, and I hope you enjoy it. You can purchase signed prints at , wherein lie many other fun images in a just-completed renovation. If you do stop by, say hi!
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Please Make more of these I am going to buy every single one. You are this times Richard Upton Pickman except even better.

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You made my day with that comment. More are in the works!

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I can’t get enough of it!

The colors and all the small details... just great


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Love them so amazing

These are amazing! I'm obsessed with these. I even challenged some friends and family to see how many creepy details they could find.

You're a fantastic artist!

Near the top right, I've seen enough hentai to know where that is going.

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I love playing like I spy with these! Always so happy to see these kind of portraits you create

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I love imaging these characters. They all seem to like this strange world they live in.

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"Just an ordinary day at the beach - Wait..."

just looking for strange and dark is always a joy whenever your paintings come into my notifications!

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That is extremely pleasing to know. More to come!

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This one is probably my favourite one! Because of how the dark things happening around contrast with the joyful day on a beach. A first I only noticed the reflection in the glasses! But then I've taken a closer look - and OMG!! To imagine all of this and then to make it come to life that this - it is beyond amazing!

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Well, thank you very much! I had a great deal of fun with every part of this one, and am very pleased it's your favorite:) I realized just this week that this series reflects the journey from childhood where everything is a quaint, welcoming postcard, to adulthood wherein other aspects of life are revealed. At least everyone seems to be having a nice day:)

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Thank you for creating such an entertaining image! That's another great thing about it: the people look happy, careless and thoroughly enjoying themselves, blissfully unaware of all the macabre stuff going around them. you managed to show it so well that it does take time to notice the "irregularities" )))

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It was my pleasure to make, and I take extra pleasure in having others enjoy it:)

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Such a lovely day at the beach!

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Another masterpiece, I absolutely love your work

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I absolutely love that you make these and I love each one!

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Another lovely day on the beach!

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the moldy food is the worst part xD

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Love your detailed works!

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