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The Lady of the Lake

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A darker version of the character than is usually portrayed, just in time for All Hallows Eve...
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Extraordinarily accurate!

Possibility of purchase?

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This is amazing! Wow! Her expression... brrr... The water ripples from the sword might need some more study, but all in all... amazing.

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Don't know if she wants to give me the sword or horrifically murder me...
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Why is nobody answering me in regard to purchasing a poster copy of this? I've found it very difficult to communicate on this site. Please help. Thanx, Belladonna
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I will see what I can do!
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Still waiting on "I will see what I can do" Thanx!

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Hello mr. JeffLee, I am still very interested in a copy poster print of your Lady of the Lake. Thought i would see if you are still around.Thank you! Love your work!!

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Thank you for responding. I have been looking for months, specifically for Lady of the Lake images and none of them came close to your interpretation, detail to color, and authenticity to all that is Arthurian. I found what I was looking for when I accidentally came across this web-site with your work. 
Sincerely, Belladonna D. 
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Buenísimo me recuerda al lago de los muertos del señor de los anillos , gran trabajo.
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You can keep that, I'm good...
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In this case, I think darker is better. Very creepy/cool. Beautiful work.
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I just discovered your work and I'm in love!
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This is a PHENOMENAL take on the original depiction and story!! I absolutely love this so much! The scary aspect of it is so so compelling. Amazing, Fantastic work 👏
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Thank you so much!
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Reminds me of the dead faces in the dead marshes from lord of the rings, very cool and very good lighting work as well. :)
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well this mad me watch u sir
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"Strange women lying in ponds, distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. If I told people I was an emperor just because some moistened bint threw a sword at me, they'd put me away."- Dennis the Anarcho-syndicalistic peasant

Sillyness aside, I really, REALLY like the darker than usual vibe about the character. The Arthurian legends always have a vibe of mystery around them that makes it more than your average noblebright story, it's fun theorizing what the various definitions of the stories and characters are, is the lady of the lake truly a benevolent creature? or was Arthur fooled by perchance a forgotten pagan deity ousting for vengeance against the very things he vanquished on his crusade? You perfectly captured an aura of unknown intention in both her look, visage and the way she holds the sword, as if she might present it to someone, or intent to stab them with it.

remarkable, I applaud you :D
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The fact that you aren’t featured by the artist for that joke is a crime 
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Thank you so much. I love your thinking on this. I have always thought that powerful magic would be inherently dangerous and not all trumpets from on high. Those would be forces far beyond our ken and best left alone.
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It Looks like Skyrim's dwarven great sword.
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