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January 3, 2019
The Grand International Hotel by JeffLeeJohnson
Featured by lovelessdevotions
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The Grand International Hotel

In the vein of my Blue Plate Special, I am posting the next image in the series, The Grand International Hotel. I had a bunch of fun imagining and then painting it, and I hope you all enjoy perusing it. ©2018 Jeff Lee Johnson
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© 2018 - 2021 JeffLeeJohnson
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AssimilArt's avatar

I bought the premium download, and the zip file contains a html file to a dead link!. Can you help with that?

JeffLeeJohnson's avatar

I am not sure how that messed up. I see your purchase, so private message me your email and I will send a link to download a 20" x20" 300dpi copy. Sorry you had a problem, and thanks for your purchase!

Elerio115's avatar

man poor birb, and poor cat too

Kohakuchuu's avatar

this is amazing, a bit like a creepy Where's Waldo situation! I love it :O

WorksV3's avatar

Hm. Can’t quite figure out what’s so spooky about this one. But I have a feeling it’s the bellhop. Dude looks kinda shady

JeffLeeJohnson's avatar

Definitely the bellhop.

miriel-of-chaos2's avatar

I love this work, I loveeverything about it! The longer I look at it, the more wonderfully spooky details I notice. Must have been quite fun to invent them all and then visualise. The dynamics are great too. Brilliant!

JeffLeeJohnson's avatar

It was very fun to create this scene! (bows low)

Chokladglass's avatar

Thoroughly impressed! So many little details. I love it.

JeffLeeJohnson's avatar

Thank you so much! It's a ball painting those little things:)

bluesith's avatar
Totally fantastic
JeffLeeJohnson's avatar

Thanks for saying so!

CocoCandy2007's avatar

Hotel Dumort.

does anyone understand the refrence? No? Okie dokie then.

There are red eyes in the bookshelf

GuesssWho9's avatar
Hi, Mordred Deschain.
kat1004's avatar
I love this picture, but I keep staring at it because I've seen most of the other stuff, but I can't for the life of me figure out why I'm so fixated on the bellboy. He seems, besides the woman with the cat, to be the most normal person there.
Doesn't the woman with the cat have surprisingly short lower legs?
bigfatcarp93's avatar
The woman with the cat isn't normal. She's carrying a birdcage with a bird she clearly fed to the cat, and her shadow is a tentacle monster.
pmoss313's avatar
Me too! What is he smiling about? Why so nonchalant? Amazing art!!
PrincessAUTrash's avatar
I love looking at these
Incredible, almost overwhelming talent in this drawing! As a little old lady of an undisclosed age, I commend you on your talent and ability to tell much much more in a picture than I could have ever imagined, and I look forward to seeing your star rise even further. Thank you for a very entertaining painting!
JeffLeeJohnson's avatar
Thank you so much! What a lovely comment:) 
SeldomSimone's avatar
The man in the chair has hooves and there is a rat underneath the table by him.
I really like this piece nice work!
velcro456's avatar
What that fan is hooked up to?
Who has to clean out the phone booth?
Is right-hand-elevator guy regretting booking a room here?
Why does the bus-boy look normal? (Unless I'm missing something)
Why did shadow-man hang himself in an elevator of all places?

This and many more questions await at The Grand International Hotel!
P.S I spoted others, I just picked some for this.
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