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Here is a fun piece I did for Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars Destiny. It was used as an Official Worlds 2017 promo card, and is collectable:) Now I have to find my copies, lol!

© 2017 Lucasfilm, Ltd Under license to Fantasy Flight Games
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Thats such a wonderful piece.
Wait, they don't do artist proofs for that game? I know magic usually (or at least used to) give some number of non-playable cards to the artists with blank backs. They're their own form of collectors item now as a lot of artists used them as business cards writing on the back or doing small sketches.
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The bitch that single handedly nearly eradicated the New Republic.
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It's funny how in Legends she is basically the bad guy while Palpatine is working for a greater good (that being the defence against the Vong) while in the "new" "cannon" she now has become the good guy since the Vong don't exist in it.
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Great observation. 
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That's photo quality there, my friend.
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