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June 25, 2018
Blue Plate Special by JeffLeeJohnson
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Blue Plate Special

This was a particularly fun assignment. Done for Fantasy Flight Games' The Investigators of Arkham Horror, Tales of Adventure and Madness rulebook, which is chock full of great illustrations and graphics. Normally I spend a lot of time trying to create depth but the art brief had a "Where's Waldo" kind of thing going and I thought a flatter, more graphical style might be cool. © 2016 Fantasy Flight Games

This piece has received such wonderful attention! Thank you all.

I've updated my website with lots of new art. And I now have a store. Visit
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© 2017 - 2022 JeffLeeJohnson
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I wish i could read what she was writing.

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Excellent work

I really love these "the more you look" pieces, keep them coming! :clap:

Also, if I were to suggest an alternate title for this piece, it would be "Breakfast at the Innsmouth Cafe"

Mesmerizing. I love it so much!

I love love love this!

3802's avatar

*looksa t cup* yo sick latte art

SodaPopSam's avatar

The longer I look at it the better it gets <3 <3 <3

Perilous-Blue's avatar

Honestly in love with this, so much lore to explore

Hmm The info on the image says 900x905 but the file comes out 800x805.

And the writings on the journal does not appear readable... I'm guessing it is not really relevant, right?

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I was gonna say this screams "Lovecreaftian Horror"! I love it! I see prints are available in your store, awesome! I must frame it and display it in my shop for Halloween!

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So glad you like it, and I hope it is a fun addition to your store's wall!

That blind man with sunglasses and bowler looks so familar to me. Is it a coincidence, or just in my eyes, but he looks just like one actor, Jonathan Hyde.

Admittedly, he has no gills on his neck. At least the last time I saw his pictures, and he’s not blind either. :D

And yes, I do look at faces, not what’s around them. The thing I became half-accidentally learned from The Hound of Baskerville. From a scene where Holmes and Watson look at paintings on the Baskerville Hall's dining room wall, especially a painting of Hugo Baskerville. Watson doesn’t immediately notice it, but then Holmes guides him to look at the face and the details of the face, not the details around them.

And sorry about my bad english, it just not my homelanguage and I do partially use google translate, so there might be some mistakes/typos in the text.

Oh and if someone of you wan to know the actor I'm talking about then check his IMDb-site>

JeffLeeJohnson's avatar

Oh yes, definitely patterned after Jonathan Hyde! I recalled him from old black and whites and thought that kind of character was perfect for the setting and timeframe.

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is there a genre for this, a particularly normal photo on a glance then it has a whole lotta creepy things going on as you look into it.

i need more of these kind of images, reminds me of a old one i saw of 2 kids thats the image for the spooky painting on tvtropes.

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I'm not aware of a specific name for this kind of image. I'm certainly glad you like this sort of thing, and will let you know I will be posting a new one in the next couple of weeks!

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so were to trying to have something on the notepad?

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She is basically writing what she is seeing, yes.

This is amazing! Continue artwork like this because you have talent!

Wish I could read the notepad better. something something "cabinet behind" something something "nightmare"

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oh gosh what's under that table thing? I'm traumatized : D I love this work sooo much. Great composition/perspective, along with surreal, genius concepts. A very well deserved DD. You are amazing!
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Wow And if you want to follow me on this channel and see my gallery
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