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Agent Kallus

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One of the most fun projects I had last year: turning an animated character into a realistic one (the direct opposite of most such assignments.) Art directed by John Taillon

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This is more of an alternate universe of Agent Kallus if he didn't join the Rebels
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I makes him look a little older than I think he is, but the sheer level of detail in this makes me not care.

Kind of reminds me of Sabertooth...
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I was pretty much just going to say this. He looks way older than he's supposed to, but it's still a very well done piece.
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FotusKnightProfessional Digital Artist
OMGG! He looks exactly like how I imagined him in real life! Amazing! 10/10
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He is a neat character to paint. Glad you like it!
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grxysonStudent Digital Artist
This is so stunning!!!! Great job!
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Thank you, I loved painting it.
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Ya know he may be AGENT FULCRUM now thanks to Zeb;) (Wink) but I STILL hate him for what he did to MINISTER TUA:pissedcause he should've realized he was on the wrong side BEFORE he and Vader had her killed!Facepalm She was just starting to realize that herselfNo, I disagree! 
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Spoilers for season 3. You have been warned.

We missed his actual transition into the role of Fulcrum, but I think it was a slow realization that first started when he saw Aresko and Grint be executed. From his point of view, while they may have been incompetent they were still nonetheless very loyal to the Empire. For all that is said, Kallus was surprisingly idealistic. He saw his work as protecting the Empire and its citizens. Minister Tua was about to unbalance the tide for the rebellion, which at that point he still saw as dangerous for the people of the Empire. And he has good reason to, since his first experience with the rebellion was Saw Gererra's Partisans and the Lasan mercenary who executed his entire squad. It might not have been representative of the whole rebellion, but how was he supposed to know that? Things like that leave marks on people, especially when its one of your first assignments.

He even had a few good associates in the Empire, like Konstantine. But they were never friends, as he found out at the end of "The Honorable Ones". At the end, while he saw the Ghost crew come back for Zeb and welcome him warmly back, he remained forgotten by the Empire. It was a freighter captain or something similar who picked him up and brought him back to the Empire. It had been a bit less than a day that he had gone missing. And when he came back, there was no warm welcoming party like with Zeb, no friends to see to him. Konstantine brushed him off coldly, barely noting that he was wounded and had gone missing. And that's when it really hit him: the Empire doesn't care. At all. It broke his idealism he had for the Empire. And he realized at some point during the timeskip that if he really wanted to help the people of the Empire, he'd have to help the rebels, and so became a Fulcrum informant at some point between seasons 2 and 3.

Personally, I prefer Kallus' work as Fulcrum than Tua's defection attempt. Sure, she was painted as a victim and did it out of desperation, but that's just it: she did it solely to save her own skin when she realized that Tarkin and Vader were going to get rid of her, and dangled her information in front of the rebels as a promise if they save her. She probably didn't actually care that much about the rebellion, and would probably have stayed if it wasn't for the risk to her life. Even knowing that her life was approaching its end, she could've just sent her information to the rebels as a final "screw you" to the Empire, but she valued her own life over it.

Kallus put his job and life on the line because he realized that the Empire didn't care about its people. There was no camaraderie, no friends in the Empire, and the moment you fail a higher up too much you're likely screwed. He never asked for the rebels to extract him, never dangled his information as bait. He used his position as an ISB agent to have access to important information to subvert it from the inside. This, despite the Empire being where he was raised and where he learned everything. And even when defecting, he didn't get it easy - all those past actions of his came back to bite him when Sabine, Kanan and Ezra were reluctant to trust him. Yet the difference is that he didn't do it out of fear or greed like Tua, nor did he fake it like Trayvis. It was genuine. It was difficult. And in the end, his willingness to put it all on the line gave the rebels the split second they needed to react to Thrawn's arrival, and when he transmitted his coordinates after launching himself into an escape pod in a warzone the Ghost took the time to stop and grab him before leaving.
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DAMN YOU BEEN TYPING ALL THAT!!!omfg And yeah all that is true but STILL I hate him for what he did while he was still that same old evil imperial asshole!Upset 
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Yeah, I get a bit wordy sometimes. I like to be thorough. :)

And those feelings are understandable. He's done some pretty horrible things in the name of the Empire, after all, Tua's assassination and the capture of other attempted defectors amongst them.

There's a webcomic I'm reading called "The Order of the Stick". A while back, one of the main characters was verbally broken by a villain in the current storyline when he was told that he is who he was at his worst moment, and that anything else is just lies on his part. But the author likes to give themes to his more recent stories, and this one is shaping up to be "People change". Just because you did some bad things in the past doesn't mean you'll always be that very same bad person. People may not want to accept you, they might even want to hurt you. Sometimes you can never really atone completely for something. But nothing keeps you from trying, again and again.

"You may never balance the scales. You may never make it up to the one who died on your watch. But giving up on fixing it is like killing them all over again."

Anakin shows this better than anyone else in Star Wars. He too did some pretty evil things as Darth Vader, starting with the massacre of Jedi younglings and only getting worse from there, likely a hundred times worse than anything Kallus did, maybe even worse than Thrawn. Luke could've killed him then and there on the Death Star II, and no one would've batted an eyelash (except maybe Leia). But he gave him a chance to be a good person again, to change his path. He wasn't trapped as his worst moment in life as Darth Vader - he could be Anakin Skywalker again. Even then, his legacy as Darth Vader left a stain on his reputation, just like Kallus' work as an ISB agent did when he first revealed himself as an ally. But they tried to atone, and Kallus is still trying.

Could Tua have managed to evolve from her more self-centered point of view as well, had she simply been given the chance? Possibly. We'll likely never know. But that's left in the hands of fanfiction writers now.
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Well about Vader's redemption ONE RIGHT really doesn't make up for a lifetime of wrongs! He may have been redeemed in the eyes of the force but not to the galaxy for they shall ALWAYS remember him as EVIL DARTH VADER who committed terror & tyranny in the name of the empire & Palpatine! Although he would've remained as good Anakin Skywalker if only OUI-GON JINN (who discovered him in the first place) had he survived that battle with Maul in EP1 & HE became Anakin's master! He definitely would've trained & raised him well & had been more open for Anakin to trust as a master & a father figure had he stayed alive. Also like a father Qui-Gon would've also given Anakin his support about his feelings for Padme as well. See Anakin would've NEVER listened to Palpatine & turned to the dark side if only Qui-Gon had LIVED!!!
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The man with the most interesting facial hair ever!
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When they say imperial authorized hair cuts or facial hair I thought mainly moustaches and close trimmed hair, but in his case they must have a broad standard.
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Fantastic job. I really like his character.
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MiryAnneProfessional Digital Artist
Great job!
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TinkerTanker44432Hobbyist Digital Artist
God this is awesome just pure epicniss,
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TinkerTanker44432Hobbyist Digital Artist
"bows lower"
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DarkSapiensHobbyist General Artist
Great interpretation of Kallus! I imagined him younger, though :D
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Thanks! I made pushing his toughness a priority an may have added some extra crags and furrows.
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