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Overmare Studios: FEQ: Red Eye LOGO by Jeffk38uk Overmare Studios: FEQ: Red Eye LOGO by Jeffk38uk
So this was something I found odd. I could not find any other faction logo for Red Eye....anywhere. It didn't help the fic never really had much of a description for his faction either. Red Eye ended up being one of most redesigned piece I've done in a while. We could not nail down a specifc design we liked for a good long time. All we knew was it had to be a cybernetic eye but stylised slightly to work as a logo, and represent his mechanical or cybernetic aspect. 

Given this was the main antagonist faction in the whole game, it needed a threatening look to it, sharp angles and pointed tips were the focus, but it took a lot of tweaking to make an eye look...well like an eye. Eventually a stylised view of tall spires and a cog for the top and bottom eyelid ended up working to give that look. The design is also relatively simple enough that it could be easily stamped on or spraypainted onto flags, armour, vehicles, whatever. 

If you were at Bronycon, you were able to pick this up as a faction button.

What do you think of our Red Eye logo for the game? Post your comments below.  
ClydesdaleWBP Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016
No offence bro, but it has a serious mistakes: the upper part, core ring, and the lower part are not connected to each other, what means you have to set the whole composition each time you want to use it. On the other hand this logo is so complicated, you need at least a water jet cutter to make a stencilXD Try to cut out from a paper, you will see it. Sharp angels are not our friends:)

Hiddenfaithy Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's real nice!
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