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Overmare Studios: FEQ: Grand Pegasus Enclave LOGO

With Bronycon complete I can release a few things, one of which is the final faction logo for the Grand Pegasus Enclave. Despite the description of the logo in the original fic I decided to forgo it to focus on the aspects the Enclave that they would want to represent best, their ability to fly and their reverence to an older time where Celestia was in charge of Equestria. It took quite a while to really nail down a design that works to fit the tone of the Enclave, but also to feel intimidating or feel strong as it were. It also has a flair of a militaristic tone which was always how I viewed the Enclave really.

If you were at Bronycon, you were able to pick this up as a faction button.

What do you think of our Enclave logo for the game? Post your comments below.  
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I think its great!
Am I really the only person watching this group?
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Depends which you mean specifically, the Deviantart group or Overmare in general. We don't really advertise the DA group that much tho that is something we are looking into for the future. 
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Thank you for clearing that up. (Its early and I don't know what to respond with)