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Donald Duck Train

Prismacolor Pencils on Canson Paper.  2009 Commission for a fan of Donald Duck, Toy Trains, and the Oakland A's.  Based on the Little Golden Book "Donald's Toy Train."
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Donald Duck and a train, a really great mix! Donald Duck was my very first favorite cartoon character (despite my fear of birds, but did I know he was a bird? Probably)

I only remember having one dream of being at a train station with Donald Duck, back when I was four years old and this was based on if not absolutely the Bahnhoff (German for "Train Station" but I probably misspelled it) in Bamberg, Germany, used to take the trains between there and the small town of Strullendorf, where we lived. But Donald Duck, in my dream, kept having to put this steam locomotive back on the track. He also kidnapped me. First I was with my mother, then I was suddenly with Donald Duck and my mother wasn't there and Donald had taken me to Ben Buzzard. If it weren't for the fact that it was Donald Duck the dream might not have been as good!

The only other dream I had about Donald and trains as a tot took place at a railroad crossing protected by two black and white gates just like in the episode "Toy Tinkers" which I don't watch anymore. I just remembered I recently dreamed about the Disney characters, or whatever other classic cartoon characters, riding a train and it came with crossing gates! Which led to the drawing of this crossing gate:… Okay I thought I did a stand-alone picture of it but I guess I didn't, but it's one of the crossing gates drawn on April 15th but the one without the crossbuck signal.

Anyway I love the picture, going to my +fav  I hope I make a Donald Duck-Train drawing, or at least a Donald Duck-Rail Crossing drawing someday and soon.