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Vorodla (the Flying Undead)

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This is my drawing of a Vorodlá from my latest Tékumel / Empire of the Petal Throne art Kickstarter: Tékumel Skies!

"These dingy, blackish creatures tend to hover near ancient tombs and ruins. They are the reanimated and restructured bodies of ancient warriors, set originally to fight as defenders of the Citadels of Ksárul. They have huge, leathery wings and dwell in cave lairs. They fight like zombies, never checking morale and battling until they are cut apart. The body of a Vorodlá bust be burned, since it regenerates within 2 minutes."

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I'm sorry; as excellent as this drawing is, all I can see is Arch-Lich Sister Bertrille in The Flying Undead.