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Tsu'uru (the Illusion-Master)



This illustration is from my Kickstarter project to create drawings of all of the unique creatures of the underworld from Professor M.A.R. Barker's wonderful Tékumel (aka Empire of the Petal Throne) world setting.

"These are also treasure guardians created by the ancients and are related to the Marashyálu. They appear as anything they wish, using a form of ESP to determine what the party is most likely to believe. They maintain this illusion until they are slain, whereupon they revert to their own forms - a bundle of ropy, lumpy tentacles with a central brain ganglion. They may thus appear as a Ru'ún, as a friend known to the party, etc., etc. and only after they have attacked the party and have been slain do they appear as they really are... This creature is totally immune to spells, and no form of ESP, clairvoyance, telepathy, etc. will reveal its true identity. The Tsú'uru may dissimulate for a time, pretending to be a friendly character, and accompany the party until it sees a chance to attack with maximum effect."


The funding period for my next project ends at Midnight on Sunday, January 27. You can help unlock more of the stretch goal bonus drawings by spreading the word about this project to your gaming friends ad fellow Tékumel fans. Thanks so much for your support! [link]
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