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Then and Now

A side-by-side comparison between my 1980 drawing of Elric from the first edition of Deities and Demigods (TSR Hobbioes, 1980) and my 2011 re-creation of it. Check out my latest Kickstarter project to re-create my old TSR art: [link]
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Very nice! Will always think of the good old roleplaying one did in the worlds of AD&D in the eighties when seeing this.
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When I was a kid, reading all the D & D books, it was your art that sent my brain into realms of imagination.  Thank you for that, Mr Dee.
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Face does not feel so...
Like it better!

More texture and feeling for sure!
That gesture is supposed to ward off the evil eye, and Steve Ditko probably knew that.
When they dropped Elric and Cthulhu they should have added all those extra drawings you have since the book lost a lot of pages and they put nothing in their place.
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It's clearer, I say - better details
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Jeff, it is awesome to see you here. I grew up on TSR's D&D artwork and your stuff featured heavily in it. Glad to see some of these awesome images given new life!
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I always loved your work, Jeff. When I first got into D&D in 1983, your work inspired my artwork. I really hope your kickstarter is successful!

Btw, if you ever are interested in letting a colorist play with your work, I would be honored to do one out of whatever you are allowed to recreate!
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I remember Deities and Demigods 1st edition. Didn't you also draw Arioch, Xiombarg, and Yyrkoon?
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Yeah, you can find them all in the Kickstarter folder in my Gallery.

-Jeff Dee
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I wish you could do a then vs now for all the new drawings. :)
I saved my deities and demigods book jkust for the Melnibonean it
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Awesome- I loved your illustrations in the Deities and Demigods book! Glad to see you're still doing artwork- will definitely follow you DeviantArt page!
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"your" page... really hate self-induced typos...
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Solid gold. Thank you for sharing this!
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Absolutely love it! An unexpected surprise to see this art get an update after all these years.
Huh. So that's what 41 years of experience do. Great to awesome. The detail and the better facial proportion. Very awesome. Did you do all the art because I don't think I own my Deities and Demi-gods anymore but I still remember that amazing full page piece of Thor battling the Midgard Serpent.
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I was one of four staff artists who worked on Deities & Demigods, and they hired several freelancers as well. Jim Roslof did the picture of Thor that you remember.
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I looked you up after complimenting a drawing of someone's as looking like Jeff Dee's work.  I'm glad I did.  It's a real treat to see your modern takes on these classic drawings.  I always preferred the artwork in the First Edition AD&D books and Dragon magazines of that time to most of the stuff in later years.  Yes, the newer work was slicker and usually full-color paintings instead of line drawings, but I think the older stuff had more character.  Or maybe it's because of my fondness of the first D&D stuff I was exposed to.  In any event, it's a treat to see you're still active and drawing better than ever.

Keep up the great work.  Have you published any collections of your art?  Those first edition, unrevised Deities and Demigods are a little hard to come by.  :-)
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I've done tons of these re-creations already, including the Deities & Demigods stuff:…

My plan is to eventually release these in book form. But I'm still busy working on the re-creations at the moment :)

-Jeff Dee
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Awesome! Excited about this going through.
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Wow, seriously better.
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HAil Elric!!! :)
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