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This is a new drawing, re-creating my original from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons adventure B2: Keep on the Borderlands (TSR Hobbies, 1979). Check out my latest Kickstarter project to re-create my old TSR art: [link]


Check out my latest Kickstarter project, where I'm re-creating my lost artwork from the Nonhuman chapter of TSR's original Deities & Demigods! [link]
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I first saw the original drawing in the early 80's, and I still own a copy of Keep on the Borderlands.  I even played a session of it at CanGames this spring, using 1st edition rules.

I had no idea that the guy who sometimes co-hosts on TAE also drew a lot of the artwork for the early editions of D&D.  It makes me wonder whether I have copies of stuff Matt and Russell made sitting on my bookshelf.  =P (Razz)