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Lri (the Flying Stinging Creature) by JeffDee Lri (the Flying Stinging Creature) by JeffDee
This is my drawing of a Lrí (the Flying Stinging Creature) from my latest Tékumel / Empire of the Petal Throne art Kickstarter: Tékumel Skies! The drawing is based on a sketch by Prof. Barker, provided to me by the Tékumel Foundation.

"These stilt-like insectoid creatures are related to the hideous Hlüss. They sting with their long segmented tails, paralyzing their victims. It may try to fly off with a paralyzed victim, travelling in a random direction to its lair, where it feeds its victim to its young. Players then have a chance of finding the Lrí's lair (were there may be more of them). If not found within three hours, the victim is completely eaten and has little chance of revivification since no recognizable fragment remains. A paralyzed victim seized from the Lrí's clutches may be cured by a Heal Serious Wounds spell or an 'Eye' of Healing. He then takes two days to recover before he can fight again."

Béthorm: the Plane of Tékumel
Role-Play in MAR Barker's Empire of the Petal Throne
Coming in 2014 from UNIgames
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December 18, 2013
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