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Katalal Map

A full-color, exquisitely detailed map of the city of Katalál, the starting location of Jeff Dee's Béthorm: Plane of Tékumel RPG from UNIgames, by expert fantasy cartographer Alyssa Faden! Approved for Tékumel by the Tékumel Foundation.

You can find more of Alyssa Faden's amazing maps here:
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I know I'm way late on this one, but, Dude, I see numbers with no associated key. I would LOVE to read the key for this gorgeous city. Is this in a book I can buy?? I MUST HAVE THE KEY! La la la la 
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Yes Jelvik, the key is in my Bethorm: the Plane of Tekumel RPG.


Hope that helps!
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Awesome!! Thanks. I'm definitely purchasing dat!! 
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i love world maps, and I love the lines and color on this. rich and saturated in a fun way, with clear and sharp lines to reign them in. perfect stuff.
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Sorry guys, we're not offering a digital version. Only the physical, printed map.
Why the heck not? You are depriving hundreds, if not thousands of people from viewing this amazing map by keeping it physical only. Share the wealth! Share the art!
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hey excellent work
love to get a hi res digital copy

love a poster....but i have over a thousand d&d maps.......
so a digital city is best
How can i get the full res download of this?
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How can I get a hi-res print of this?
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Click the "buy this print" button on the right-hand side of the page.
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It's so pretty! @ u @
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It looks excellent.
cinemajack's avatar
Such an amazing piece!
DrOfDemonology's avatar
I think I can see my house from here :D
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