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Hra (the Bloodsuckers)



This illustration is from my Kickstarter project to create drawings of all of the unique creatures of the underworld from Professor M.A.R. Barker's wonderful Tékumel (aka Empire of the Petal Throne) world setting. It is based on one of the professor's own drawings, graciously provided to me for visual reference by the Tékumel Foundation.

"These are the creations of the ancient priests of Ksárul: they are reanimated undead, and they can only be slain by touching them with an Amulet of the Great God after they have been defeated. Otherwise they reanimate in two turns and will pursue. They drain their victims of all blood and bodily fluids and leave nothing but a shriveled husk. These great, grey undead monsters fight as men do with swords and lances, and the Priests of Ksárul still sometimes employ them in night battles (they cannot stand the light); a priest of Ksárul has a small chance of controlling any Hrá he meets."

Bethorm: the Plane of Tekumel RPG!
Coming in 2013 from UNIgames
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Ksarul rocks, and so do you. Excellent work!