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This is a new drawing, re-creating my original from page 46 of Expert Dungeons & Dragons (TSR Hobbies, 1981).

NOTE: Prints of this artwork will not be available on DeviantArt until after the Kickstarter project backers have been shipped the prints they earned as rewards for their support.


Check out my latest Kickstarter project, where I'm re-creating my lost artwork from the Nonhuman chapter of TSR's original Deities & Demigods! [link]
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The elegance, energy and fun of your work amazes me. As I write, this is how I see my world. Thank you.
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The best halfling art ever for me, since I have seen it the red book !
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I still remember it vividly from the red box !  Thanks !
One of my favorite halfling pictures. And oddly enough one of the few that has a good example of their size perspective.
Most pictures without a good size comparison just ends up looking like hairy footed humans.

*Almost had a conniption fit when I seen 2012. Thanks for redrawing that. And thanks for all the pictures over the years.
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Absolutely one of my favorites, very cool 70's styled Hero - hey guys, Kevin Sorbo BEFORE Kevin Sorbo! - giving some cool story about some adventure to a young halfling, warning him of mighty foes and terrible trials ahead.

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This is one of the peices I most remember from my old D&D games, glad to see it come back :)
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The original of this has always been my favorite depiction of halflings, bar none. It's great to see that this new version captures everything I loved about the original, even as it displays a finer mastery of your craft. Thank you for sharing this with us.
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Awesome! TSR from 1981 is what brought about the D&D and RPG's and MMORPG universes we have today.
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I always loved this pic and it is to this day what my mental picture of a halfling looks like!
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I like the way the male halfling is really clearly not anyone's pushover!
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That guy is one of the reasons I started playing halflings. lol
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Another fantastic piece of art. The animation and energy is incredible!
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A lot of my readers don't realize it, but this drawing (or rather, this drawing's ancestor) is the reason there's a Dwarf Strip Club in Uresia: Grave of Heaven (convoluted reasoning, but it's true ... Uresia doesn't have Halflings, at least not explicitly, so I shifted it to Dwarves ... but it was a reference to years of commenting on both the awesomeness of this drawing and the vaguely unsettling idea that I found the Halfling girl really sexy).

I think I may have told you that story several years ago, Jeff, in the parking lot at that mediocre Chinese buffet :) I believe your response was that they were PCs, and PCs can always look heroic :)
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