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D3 Back

This is my re-creation of the back cover artwork from the AD&D adventure module D3: Vault of the Drow. It's one of four color cover pieces that I'm re-creating as part of my last Kickstarter project. I'm doing each piece by re-creating the black and white, pen & ink line art on illustration board, and then adding watercolors to complete the piece.


At the end of each of these projects, I always wind up with a few prints left over due to printer overruns. I also still have some of the new originals. If you missed any, from this or any of my previous projects, check here for availability and ordering instructions:…
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Dear god, I remember that... I'm getting old...
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One of my all time favorites! :D
Good gravy, I can't wait to get mine.
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Nice. You made Belgos look more like flesh-and-blood this time and less like metal.
I confess I preferred Silussa's original facial expression. It was sly and devious - which suited her perfectly.

Long may you wave, sir.