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Random Favourites

The barstad air
            savage's a blow
The nectar of my breath
Rotting with every worth of word
Putred the atmosphere inviroment's  
I in slaved comited to
Oh yes the wrighteous and rights of way
And who am I and you
Away, the audience the wash
Clensed, needs, that want to watch
Volatile, selfsame, less, landings scope scape
Abstraction a venomous sting, in coiled view
Stench embodied oust of soul
Onward sails of ward's hereditry emptiness
Over flown, pulley on the wind
Flies starved
Second to sight first to write's of
Writhed on the swarm for life  
:iconrjbg:RJBG 2 1
           Apple eyed
The grub, fruits of love
succulent, supple
          the believers
       grounds and syrups oust
Sheened grimace
Doused in wine, under growth entangled vine
Fertility basking under sundry
      spirited and over proof
Harvester of,
             grapple and grapes blooded plumbs aromatic
Fitted liken'ings gloved embrace
Forestall and feast
Eve of Adam 
Buds in the ethereal tree
Youth essence, bred tomorrow
Seeded spreads  fields of sow  
Out laid
:iconrjbg:RJBG 3 2
Joy of fear
Suffering all the sane
Did you ever stop to breath
You no hurt can be a self inflicted obsession
A lost smile beneath a vale complexion
Turned off the light, there you go always comforted in the dark
Savaged a heart,
                 confided pain
Self same
Why is it that you can't see your face, to sided mirrors
There can be only one and that resides in you
Until you realise
The friend you hide
A need to want you
:iconrjbg:RJBG 2 0
Mature content
Because... :iconrejectedsavior:RejectedSavior 3 14
A Spoken Soul
I think we’re the same, you and I
Demons, delusions, pollution and fire
You told me it was eerie when I spoke my soul to you
How exactly I had reached inside your mind
Through all of the explaining I found myself twitching
A feeling I’ve known all too well
Anger swelled inside me, hatred raging deep within
Just waiting to release and beckon hell
I let you in on this, my darkest desire
Eradication brewing in the mist
Like a soul’s embrace I handed you my fire
Asking only that you keep it lit
How many times must we play this game?
How many wars until we find the end?
If only I could self-destruct like hand grenades
Would somebody understand me then?
:iconrejectedsavior:RejectedSavior 3 3
The Sea
I caress
I rise, I fall
I breathe
I crash
I heave and sweep away
I ripple
I am the sea.
My body is rolling,
Never resting
Splashing, sloshing, swallowing
Dousing, drowning
I am my own comfort
Only I calm myself
And I, only I, make me angry
I am greedy and vain
The world is mine alone.
The sky is my lover
And my mirror is a seashell
Which I seal my soul inside
And if you keep it near
You will become my heart.
~G.K. (Kreatress)
:iconkreatress:Kreatress 8 7
Hope Has Never Been My Thing
Shy fires and dim lit lights
Move together in sync, as one
Why can't I just hope for once?
When fear is only a four letter word
And love is bigger than the trials I've faced
Why cant I just try again?
When people around me get back on their feet
Brush the dirt from your legs
Take a chance, take a stand
People like this are few and far
Tongues can only get so tied up
Be confident in who you are for eyes speak volumes
And your lips needn't move to say the magic words
Actions have always spoke louder than words
And now is his chance, now is your time
God will bless what is right
God will show you the path you must take
All in good time
:iconcrimsonshards:CrimsonShards 1 6
Scout Trooper by BikerDA Scout Trooper :iconbikerda:BikerDA 29 16
If you want
An honest opinion
About something
Ask someone
Who doesn't even know
The first thing about it
:iconghostoftheemptygrave:GhostOfTheEmptyGrave 10 19
Poem #3: Doors
Poem #3
Doors will open to reveal the past
Doors will close on a universe, vast
Doors left ajar for a glimpse of night
Day slipping underneath doors shut tight
Keys to unlock the doors of your mind
Doors to contain what you left behind
Doors to discard and doors to believe
Doors to joy and doors to grieve
Doors that open to truths but hide lies
Doors open with laughter but lock shut with cries
Doors for the sewers of life, left untended
Doors for the chaos and strife yet unmended
Tunnels that lead to the doors up ahead
Opening doors, waking up in your bed
Doors for the face of your closest friend
Doors for the pain of a death to end
Doors to imprison a broken heart
Doors left unopened for the journey to start
Doors to uncover the answers below
Doors for the mysteries none of us know
~G.K. (Kreatress)
:iconkreatress:Kreatress 1 5
Fear, My Shroud
I laugh in the face of fear
Because I'm afraid of crying.
I want my childhood back again
Because I'm afraid of dying.
I'm afraid of people
So I spend my time reading,
But when I'm left alone
I feel my heart is bleeding.
I'm so scared that I
Live without a reason.
And then I fear much more
I'm wasting every season.
My life is built on fear
And it drags me down
But fear is all I've ever had
My epithet, my crown.
~G.K. (Kreatress)
:iconkreatress:Kreatress 2 5
Let Me Be Nothing, You Take My Place
Let me be nothing
Let me escape
Let me not know of the cruel
I fear the future
I cringe at he past
And the present is so disappointing
I hate my own weakness
The need to be wanted
I can't lift my voice to you
Hesitation because of fear
If you are something
If you want to stay
If you want to sever the cruel
You crave the future
You treasure the past
And the present is all yours to change
You must make a difference
Shine the light in my place
Somehow, you hear my whispers
And pull me forward with you
~G.K. (Kreatress)
:iconkreatress:Kreatress 3 4
Mature content
Alive/Alone :iconrejectedsavior:RejectedSavior 3 3
Kill You Too
Love letters written in blood
Swept away in the wind of misery
And though we traced our steps
We’ll never, ever find our way
They’re coming for me…
And they will find you…
They’re coming for me…
    They’re coming for me, you know
    Just what have we fallen into?
    We’ll never make it through
    And when they kill me, kill you…
    We’ve gone astray
    Under the rain and stars they pray to
    We’ve hidden away
    But when they kill me they’ll kill you too
We catch our breath
Pause for a moment then we’re off to get away
We haven’t got all day
For only our memories remain
They’re coming for me…
And they will find you…
    They’re coming for me, you know
    Just what have we fallen into?
    We’ll never get away
    And when they kill me, kill
:iconrejectedsavior:RejectedSavior 4 5
The Fall
School starts again
in this late summers eve
parents are glad they
get a break when their children
But I escape it all at night
when I lie dreaming and asleep
dreaming of luscious pastures
and vast fields of angels and sheep
two of which I know while I am
awake I am acquainted with
and can call mine to hold
I let myself fall
and found myself caught
confuzzled lying awake and distraught
in the arms of my angel
who took the time to allow me
to become familiar with her serene
So we fell together
like heavy stones
sinking into the abyss
of the sea
no matter how far I fall
she'll be there to catch me
My fall is unlike yours,
is not the season
you thought it to be
but I still pick up on the
foot they and I left on
and made simple chatter till dawn.
I sway where the wind blows
where we'll stop no one knows
never faltering like glaciers in winter.
I tire and rest on
her soft feather down wings
and we sway in time
and fall further
and land
On snow white sheep's fleece
dyed white lo
:iconalexcinderpelt:alexcinderpelt 1 0




Jeff Cross
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
I love anime, manga, and video games. a lot of my art is influenced by this love. another big influence is my religion.

I also feel I am a philosopher at heart. I usually get my poems from self-reflection.

Current Residence: LA

Journal History

yes I got into "friendship is magic" (...stupid internet full of ponies >.<) so I will be putting out a series of MLP soon... sorry for those people that are not into these things... (again stupid internet >.<)

Oh and thank you all for the happy birthday wishes you all rock XD
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