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Mecha Yaoyorozu

Learn digital painting with me via #patreon

More #bokunoheroacademia mecha characters!
The high res and full videos will be released on my patreon so make sure you join that :)

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SSB4-Manga-King86's avatar
Bruhhhhh….how is it THIS good?
Mute-Dog's avatar
I love your Boku No Mecha Academia designs, keep up the good work
Oricthalum's avatar
still hoping for all might someday
hs11-art's avatar
Still hoping that this series will continue someday.
hs11-art's avatar
So I just faved all pieces of this collection, and I gotta say...

Holy Stinking Mecha-Crap!

Hope you do the rest of class 1-A :D
Oricthalum's avatar
will there be a mecha all might plssss
Olivegreensky's avatar
These make me so happy! They're so damn cool. I think I'll show them to my older brother. He really likes stuff like this and is really into mech stuff like Gundam.
barsha-pol's avatar
Very original and fresh work:D (Big Grin)  and this colours:>!
Mr-Generic-Name's avatar
Great colors

generic comment for a generic guy with a generic name
tehwatcher's avatar
1st 0-0 she a gundam XD she beautifu and cool design

2nd love those wings

3rd by this hands aof steel i forge the tools needed to save live feel the stink of my works 
mywarface's avatar
how does it create?
jeffchendesigns's avatar
her chest opens up lol
DOPEVictor's avatar
PROJECT: Akali, Oops Wrong Name 
Dragonheart4444's avatar
love the use of rainbow energy and light. Reminds me of her quirk of creation.

are you streaming this week?
jeffchendesigns's avatar
Been very busy unfortunately :(
Dragonheart4444's avatar
aww, I hope it's all good business!
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