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Mecha Todoroki

Learn digital painting with me via #patreon

More #bokunoheroacademia mecha characters!
The high res and full videos will be released on my patreon so make sure you join that :)

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sheesh now thats fire

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did they all turn into cyborgs?

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These are amazing thank you for these <3 <3

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awsome creativity

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Where do I begin?

Holy geez this is so stunning! I adore this design so much! I love the way you color and how you make fire. This is just...ahhhh this is so cool!

Do I have permission to use these designs if I credit ya in an animation?
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 when I thought Todoroki couldn't get any more badass.  Kyouko Toshinou (Sparkle Nose Bleed) [V1] 
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hahah my goal is to make everything even cooler
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I adore Todoroki. I'm so glad to see one of him Love 
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he's one of my favorites too :D
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1st glorious TwT dude  jeff buddy you have no idea how this bnha mech maks me sooo happy

2nd it has one of my most fav theme XD bnha japanese, mech , tech and aniem XD your like slaping me with  pure awesome XD i ko  XD

3rd i blaze i freeze i weild 2 forces to bring cold true justice to criminals and burning passionate hope to the unjust 
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hahah glad you like it that much. I started working on it straight after i thought of this idea
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1stawesome and it begins a here a new era X3
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that is sooo coool 
how do you keep impressing me?
keep it up!
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My goal is to keep impressing :)
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Well you doing amazing job out of it
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Love this, Watched the 2 seasons in Netflix. This is great work. Hug :happybounce: 
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