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Mecha Kirishima

Learn digital painting with me via #patreon

More #bokunoheroacademia mecha characters!
The high res and full videos will be released on my patreon so make sure you join that :)

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How would mecha kirishima do his quirk though? Is it like his metal body is in a semi liquid state like skin and hardens into the metal it has with the quirk? With the other mecha's, I can see how project adaptations can be made to fit the person's quirk.

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El personaje mas masculino de Boku no Hero.....

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thats an extra hard boi
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I feel like your designs belong to the game Anthem because they look so damn cool.
Humatrix-X-24's avatar
Still these mecha forms are really cool!
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I freaking on both how epic this series and the fact i made MHA mechs with some of my lego bionicle weeks before now
jeffchendesigns's avatar
woah thats awesome! how'd it go?
clockworks360's avatar
Pretty good.Made mechs for Deku,Tsuyu,Kirishima,and Todoroki
Design wise they looked pretty good and Im planning on drawing them soon
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I like how they're all blurred. Showing their movement and action. It's what makes it come alive.
jeffchendesigns's avatar
yeah the motion blur helps alot!
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Your robots are awesome! Nice job with motion in this one.
tehwatcher's avatar
1st ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is perefect

2nd you got his face to metail so well XD ahhhh so epic

3rd cme at me fools real mean face challenges face on without stoping or holding back
tehwatcher's avatar
1st your welcome

2nd :)
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Out of all the mecha bnha characters. This is my favorite, they are all more than amazing, but he's my favorite to be honest.
jeffchendesigns's avatar
I feel the same! he's definitely up there for me
VicktorWillmaker's avatar
That wolf-like head remind me of something else as well...cant put a finger on it,but feels familiar..
Ellexiad's avatar
The mecha look suits Kisrishima's character really well Nod revamp 
Maybe it's because of all the spikiness?
jeffchendesigns's avatar
yeah all those angles translate really well into metal panels
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