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Wonder Woman and Ares Commission

A recent commission I did for :iconandrewr255: This version is slightly different than the final here:…
:iconandrewr255: wanted to see a bit more of her body, which I certainly cannot argue with :D. But I think the composition on this one works a little better.

WW body:…
WW face:…
Ares arms:…
Ares armor:…………
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A loveley composition and production.. thank you.

"With your lasso of truth binding your wrists Diana, I wonder... should I ask you now... What are your truly feeling now you are vulnerable, and in my grasp?... Did I feel you tense... maybe you fear  being forced to answer such a question."
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Those armpits are damn delicious.
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If you look at her in a certain way she looks like Angelina Jolie
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I think it would be closer to Alexandra Daddario, at least in this one
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hmmm, Im afraid I dont see it
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Well you got to look closer
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Your wonderwoman is so good that it makes any real actor in the movie looks bad!
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I like her woman muscles and her pretty face, great model for Wonder Woman. Ares also looks really cool
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I like Ares am I the only one who likes him? I think his cool

Wonder woman looks like" bitch really" lol
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Yeah I think he's more of a threat than cheetah
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And not just because he's a god, it's also the way he carries himself it says "I am an enemy to everything humanity values"
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Totally...I get compared to him so much by my friends xD
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On a side note as far as the scale of threatening goes who would you say is higher Cheetah or Doctor Psycho?
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I don't know much about them since its been a while since I read the comments so I can't say for sure as all I remember is Ares
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Well Doctor Psycho is a 3'5" misogynistic canable dwarf with hypnotic powers and a crush on Wonder Woman 
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we all know who going to win that fight
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I agreebody. Very nice piece!
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This is almost impossible.. how can you make her look so real? I mean the face is like a photo but the reference is the proof that u used it as reference face and didn't took the face for pasting it o.o you know I've never seen artworks from an artist which are so real like yours ! This is so stunning I am impressed ....... can't be, have no words for this. I love the shading of her skin and the texture u used, like a real skin. F.... aweeeeesommmme!

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Actually it is a photo collage, its not painted. Its made up entirely from pictures.
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