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Wonder Woman Captured

I recently did a commission of Wonder Woman chained up [link] and when I was finished it sort of reminded me of this image [link] by Ed Benes . So I turned it into my own version of his illustration.
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Wonder Woman chained up and collared

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I always thought, that if I ever captured Wonder Woman, I'd leave her just enough slack in her restrainsts to touch herself.  Inescapable and endless self torture.
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I was trying to figure out how to describe my thoughts on this... and decided with..

Beuatiful... detailled... erotic... thought - provoking.

Thank you... [ this pic kick started my writing muse briefly.. so thank you again]
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Thank you very much!
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Wow this picture is so nicely done!
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very intricacy done! thanks for sharing
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What is she doing with her hands?
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terrible, terrible things....
Love that expression on her.
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listen up batman tell all ur friends to stay in space and away from mexico or else shes history
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wonderslut is in a mans world now
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Amazing job! even if  i think her belt should be removed , because the belt give her strenght  and so she could break the chains  easily!
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Great work, it looks amazing, very well done...:) (Smile) 
If I could spring her I would 
I thank you for your lovely artwork 
The things I would do to her😛😝😍😘😄💗
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beautiful work !!!
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