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Wonder Woman Amazon Warrior

A lot of people want to put WW in a battle skirt, for the life of me I can't warm up to the idea. So I sort of split the difference, covered her bottoms a little but its not a full on battle skirt.

A few images that inspired:……

Upper Body:…
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When she doesn't skip leg day Smiley: Heart eyes 
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When I first saw this years ago, I hoped this was how the WW in the movie looked like instead of the one we got. I can imagine this WW looking down at Superman and telling him "There's the door spaceman".
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Well not too many actresses are built like this
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That armored top goes SPLEDID with the warrior profile that Wonder Woman stands for! The golden accents on it are so shiny and real! :O :O :O

But, unfortunately, I don't agree with her wearing the panties....just doesn't go along with the whole image............
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No worries, thanks though
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Hmm....I vaguely remember that tiara from the animated movie......

maybe you got inspiration from there?? :/
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Similar to my question about:…

Is there any way to purchase either of these in some version?  Thanks.
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I'm really impressed how you photomanipulated those pictures together.
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Excellent WW! Everything is just fine,the hair,the eyes,the armor and the body.
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Keep it going. This gallery is Amazing!!!  ( :
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This is the most amazing art I've ever seen



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Love that pose
This is, was, and forever shall be the only true Wonder Woman. This is still my favorite picture on this site... No matter what group or artist; I always come back to this one. Would love to see all of these images put together into a 3/4 perspective with her wielding the shield.
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Thank you so much!!
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Wow!!! Who is she???
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combination of several models 
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