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Wonder Woman

Body: [link]
Head: [link]
Chest Armor: [link]
Suit: [link]
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WOW! You are incredibly AMAZING at your work! Hugh

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All of your Wonder Women pic's are wonderful. but this one is just so
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wow that's amazing!
Completely in awe.
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perfect not to supermodel and not to much man build
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Just  absolutely stunning to look at~ now if only i can get this physically - sweet dreams are made of this -   
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If ever Wonder Woman appears in a movie, I hope she looks exactly like this.  This is amazing!
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This is a PERFECT WONDY to me! This what she would look like in my mind! LOVE IT SO MUCH :heart:
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I like this one out of all the manips I saw so far, it's so neat how the sources look nothing like what you constructed here. This looks so unified despite all the sources being drastically differ! Nice job :DDD
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thank you!!! I appreciate it
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Wow, stunning.  That really is her.  Not too young, not too old, trim, but not overly thin, toned with a little bit of muscle and a look of confidence. 

Incredible job. :)
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Flawlessly done and such a beautiful pic. Gorgeous woman and the outfit looks so authentic.:love:
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Where are her star earrings?

I kid, nice work!
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Because Warner Bros is taking THEIR SWEET TIME with an actual Wonder Woman movie. Joss Whedon could've directed one for them but nooooooooo.......
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