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Wonder Woman

By Jeffach
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I wanted to do another Wonder Woman but was sick of doing the same old costume design. So I changed it up from what I've done before, I added some extra detail and made it a bit more ornate.

A few of the images I used: [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]
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Another great piece.
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Honestly, I think this version would've worked out 100% for the Wonder Woman Series (2011+) instead of that cheap, plastic-looking garbage piece of an excuse for a Wonder Woman outfit.  Really, I don't like to be mean but that old suit was just WAY TOO bright, vibrant, and ridiculous for a true Amazonian princess to go out to fight injustice with!

But THIS is about the best uniform for her to wear! I GIVE THIS ARTWORK A 100 GOLD STARS! :D
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You mean that failed TV pilot? Yeah that costume was horrible. I really wonder what they were thinking.
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<img src="…" alt="real wish granted" title="real wish granted" />
real wish granted
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id love to see your workflow
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Bloody excellent work.  I'm ready for my spanking now Wonder Woman!
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Desperately need a tutorial !


Great work
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absolutely love this one.
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She looks so realistic!!!
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This and some of the others remind me of the 'Sucker Punch' series of individual character posters they made a few years back.  Nice!
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Yes I loved those posters, they were one of the major influences on me to start doing what I do
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Really?  That's pretty cool!  Well, you do very excellent work!
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This is amazing! She genuinely looks like a bad ass!
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Gorgeous and fierce!
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Please please load a photoshop tutorial your such an inspiration and sooooo good at what you do
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please provide some tutorial for pics like that others could also learn something from u

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This is just beautiful work man! Your attention to detail and the textures give it a real "comic book come to life" feel! I am sending you a note! :)
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