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Wonder Woman

I've been sitting on this image for several weeks because I was having trouble coming up with a background. I originally wanted to do something complicated with her fighting giant serpents and all kinds of craziness, but it didn't work out. So I instead ended up with something very simple. I think a more complicated background would have distracted from Wonder Woman, the simplistc background keeps her the focus. Especially with her contrasting warm colors against the cool colors of the background.

Face: [link]
Body: [link]
Arm: [link]
Hair: [link]
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This is absolutely beautiful! 
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please make tutorial videos!

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It seems her lasso isn't the only weapon in her arsenal. :)
Very beautiful.
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that's what i call a Wonder Woman
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Have to say, I'm amazed at both the process by which you creat these pieces, and the level of execution a which you do them. DAMN FINE WORK!! Love it!
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THE MODEL IS Melanie Chouinard

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Again, the bodice is perfect! I love it. And the simple background is also perfect. You're so talented.
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thank u so much!
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Wonderful photo manipulation, it must have taken great skill to put all that together. :thanks:
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Mostly lots of patience, thanks!
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You're welcome, please keep it up! :highfive:
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Incredible work!
You are amazing!
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as you do, is impressive, very good art
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