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Wonder Woman

This my second Wonder Woman photoshop. I went with more of the classic costume this time around. Over all I think its an improvement. Especially the leather costume and the bracelets which look a little more realistic than the original. I also changed up the logo a bit, added some color and texture.

I was actually able to use the same models for the head, body and arms as I did for the first one. Luckily they all had a decent selection of pics to choose from.

I don't know if there will ever be a Wonder Woman movie, so I made a series of character posters to show what it would / could look like.
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Another AMAZING picture of the Amazonian Goddess, my Friend- Your work is OUTSTANDING! Hugh

It reminds me of a girl i know. Let me know if you want to hear about her:) (Smile)
There was a Wonder Woman movie recently.....
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Lol yes I know but I made these 7 years ago
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Really beautiful work, stunning!
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She Loooks so Dangerous!
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Simply Amazing!
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That leotard design as Wonder Woman costume is incredible, very good design.
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that outfit O.O any idea where i can get one exactly like that for cosplaying

Does this model act as well?  She definitely looks the part! 



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not sure really
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Mind bendingly good!
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3 words. wonder woman movie (Not spamming).
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SPAM! Reported!!!

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Great look. Model looks awesome. Love the suit, I definitely like the leather, it gives a more authentic feel.
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THE MODEL IS Melanie Chouinard

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If they ever did make a wonder woman film ( and I sincerely hope they do) I hope she looks as great as this, bravo sir!
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Do I have your permission to put thos on my leg as tattoo?
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