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Themyscira Night Vigil

I got the idea for this piece from the movie 300 in the scene where Leonidas is looking out over Sparta the night before he goes to battle.

Sounds silly but I actually debated for awhile how much of her butt to show. I originally had her skirt blowing in the wind more and showing lots of cheek. I thought it was too much and opted for something more conservative.....conservative as in shes still topless with only a sheer garment wrapped around her waist. But if you're still desperate to see a butt, then just check out the link to the original stock below.

I also originally wanted to have her WW suit off to the left. But was unsure how to display it. Would it be hanging from something? Would it be on some sort of mannequin like the bat-suit is? I decided just to leave it out.

WW: [link] [link] [link]
Shield: [link] [link] [link]
Arch: [link]
City: [link]
Torch: [link]
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Any chance you offer this as a print for sale?

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I have no prints no

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Wow...fantastic! Wow! +favlove Clap 
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Very nice, is this all from the same model or parts of several? Either way nice work.
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Mythic awesomeness 
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Love it. Its not oversexualised, but rather strong ansd liberating. Pretty much the same pose youd expect from a Male Spartan, so why not female? Youve captured her perfectly.
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This does have a very Spartan feel to it. Spartan women often wore a slit tunic (earning them the nickname "thigh-flaunters" by other Greeks) that left their upper body exposed. There was no shame in this nakedness.
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Best superhero movie poster EVER! :D
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Reminds me alot of the sex scene from 300.

And why is she butt ass naked?

Great work tho :D
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Wicked looking stuff
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Among top 5 favorite, I find your WW and Super-Girl slightly more appealing. Must be my personal taste. 
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I respect that
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You are truly inspiring!
Why you remove the other pics?
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Fantastic gallery!
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Beautiful, sensual, powerful, and just, my kind of woman and my kind of super heroine love: I salute you sir !
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Wish it was a little more see through. lol
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