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Beautiful take on her!
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Another great piece of work
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Wow so beautifully gorgeous and sexy! ;) :heart:
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If only this had made it into the movies!
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This is the Rogue i want to see in the movies, you made her look great!!
This is a great Rogue. She doesn't need to show skin to be recognized.
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Hmm... Rogue X-men is my favorite female character. I liked this art, but it's not Rogue. A pretty little face, but a body ... this is not Rogue! 

I personally considered her the most beautiful among all the heroines of Marvel. She should stand out among other women.

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Well I'm not as familiar with many of characters I do as others are, so sometimes my representation isnt the best. Thanks for the critique.
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Truly lovely!
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I absolutely adore Rogue, and you totally did her justice. I love this so so much.
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My pleasure, friend!
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Jeff I respect you unlimitedly, man!
You are a great master, but this is one of the weakest of your works !!!
Breast badly shown(
I attached the picture, look:

Rogue by PGandara
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So its weak because her breasts aren't showing? lol ok
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I respect you a lot! You are a great master)

BUT, she doesn't look sexy!!!(
You could have made her in a classic suit, but she must be sexy.  I do not want to offend you, but this is your weakest work. You don't understand this character (((

ROGUE X-MEN by Douglas-Bicalho rogue by cocoaspen
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Your critique of Jeff's work shows a level of juvenility, and is surprisingly shallow and misinformed. If you compare the way that Rogue is depicted in the actual X-Men comics and Jeff's version, you'll see that Jeff's rendering of the character is actually the more accurate version. This character was never intended to be oversexualized. The idea that this is Jeff's weakest work is ridiculous, it's really one of his strongest pieces. Your critique is pretty laughable and shows a lack of discernment. I would suggest going back and actually reading some of the comics instead of projecting erotic fantasies onto a character that was meant to be a Hero, and not some Playboy centerfold.
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Im not offended, but I just dont think every image needs to be sexed up to the max. I'm very happy with the final version and wouldn't change a thing. Her suit is sexy but not over done.
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work is good! you are as always well done)

But the essence of this character is that she is insane beautiful, but you can't touch her)))
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Drop it. It's embarrassing at this point.
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